1010101010 Lights Out

Dear friend of the environment,

On the subject of global warming, there have been recent trends to hide the imminent threat it poses to us and in fact, several attempts have been made to convince the people that such a problem does not even exist. The reasons behind such propaganda vary, depending on the industry as well as the ulterior motives of the naysayers.

On the 10th of October, 2010 at 10pm for 10 minutes we are announcing a statement of intent - a public display of unison when people switch off their lights in support of the fight against Global Warming.

On October 10th, when the lights are switched off together, the effect on people's mindsets will be invaluable. In darkness does light shine brightest, and similarly, these 10 minutes of darkness would bring to light the urgent need to protect our environment far more effectively than lecturing on the subject.

The effort does not end on October 10th. Take a resolution to introduce new habits into your daily routine like segregating your waste, taking a cloth bag when you go shopping, switching off the electrical appliances when you finish using them and many others. These habits will go a long way in helping to reduce energy wastage and garbage accumulation, thereby reducing the threat of Global Warming. To know more about the causes, consequences and solutions of Global Warming, see www.homeexnora.org and to know more about the campaign, see www.5tens.org.

This petition is a pledge that you will switch off your lights for 10 minutes at 10 pm on October 10th, 2010 and by signing this petition you will become an ambassador for the cause.

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