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2016-09-08 17:06:06

Help Bring Jenn Back To BT !!

2016-04-08 15:09:01

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support of Jennifer Valentyne.  It is truly appreciated so much.  We need to step up this effort and get lots more signatures in the hopes of getting her re instated as LIVE EYE HOST of BT.

Please share the Petition link with all of your social networks and ask everyone to sign it as soon as possible.  We want this campaign to go viral.

Thank you again, we really appreciate all of your support.

Bring Jenn Back to BT

2016-04-06 20:00:14


Please post this petition to all your social media platforms as we would love for this to go viral. 

Thank you for all your support and kind comments so far. 

This is much appreciated.

Bring Jenn Back to BT

2016-04-06 19:57:08

Please publish this petition on all your social media as we would love to see it go viral.  Thank you for alll your support and wonderful comments so far. This is all much appreciated.

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