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2012-06-28 15:25:20

The link to the discussion forum regarding the developments and other conservation concerns has been changed.

Please join us on

Russell Robinson


2011-09-07 13:01:44

Corection on the nature forum address.

Russell Robinson


2011-09-07 12:41:34

As a result of recent developments in and around our national parks, a new forum has been launched to discuss all things related to nature conservation in South Africa.

Please join us and discuss your nature concerns and post your comments on the Hotel developments planned for this small piece of paradise.

Russell Robinson


2011-06-24 10:55:56

Please note the has been a wording change to the petition. We cannot dictate terms and conditions outside of the Kruger National Park. It is outside the scope of SANPARKS control and it may negatively effect employment opportunities for the local population.

I also trust that this will give us a wider support base for future signatories.

Russell Robinson


2011-06-13 09:44:30

Christine Wheathcroft from Seven Oaks in UK signed 3 times. Two signatures were removed by "Admin".

Russell Robinson

Spelling on original text of the petition

2011-06-07 11:35:52

Good day all. We have had several calls to alter the spelling and grammer in the original text of the petition. I agree with the spelling issues and not so sure about altering the text since I don't want the petition to eventuall be declared "illegal" once we have obtained the necessary signatures to halt the process of developing hotels, conference centers or luxury bush lodges within Kruger National Park.

I think this needs a collective decision / vote.

Proposed text is :

"I am strongly opposed to luxury hotels and conference facilities within the borders of South Africa's National Parks.
With continued habitat loss and steadily rising extinction rates world wide we can ill afford to lose more of our natural
environment to commercial interests. This applies specifically to the Kruger National Park where such developments are
currently in the planning phase."

I propose that "I" be changed to "we the undersigned" since this is a collective effort and we are all opposed. I also think that we should perhaps consider the terminology used very carefully to cover "hotels", bush lodges and other terminology employed by SANPARKS to confuse and conceal their plans.

Things to consider. The legal aspect. This petition will probably need to carry legal weight as it may end up being used in court or by attorneys employed by SANPARKS to overturn it.

We therefore need some legal advice on the proposed changes.

Please e-mail me with your comments and I will take this under advisement.

While we have your attention, we need to accelerate the support for this petition. Please send it to friends, contacts, e-mail address lists and let's make a concerted effort to drive up the awareness of this petition. The more signatures we get, the more likely we are to succeed in this venture.

Many thanks, Russell Robinson.

Russell Robinson


2011-06-06 17:02:12

Please be advised that I have been requested by several of the signatories to change the name of the petition. Nothing else changes. Only the name.

Russell Robinson

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