Class of 2018 Senior Parking at Westwood HS

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We've come to a compromise

2017-08-09 22:35:49

Hello all and thankyou to each of you for letting your voices and words be heard.

I met with Mr. Acosta this afternoon along with Vicki Gottardi and we've come to a compromise.  He will be emailing everyone shortly with all the details, but I'm just wanting to let you all know that ALL seniors are guaranteed a parking pass!!

He has spent the past 24 hours speaking to A LOT of parents, students, reading the comments on this petition, and he will be addressing the senior parking and the safety of all the students who are off campus for sports and other activites related to school.

Even though some will not be 100% satisfied with his decision, I believe that he did the best that he could do.  

Next year will be first come first serve for ALL students!

Thank you for supporting this petition.

Jennifer Allid

(Brandon '18/Christian '20)

Jennifer Allid

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