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Right to Remember - An Amendment to the Missouri Constitution

2018-05-06 15:46:43

Enough signatures have been collected to place this on the ballot this November 6, 2018.

Article XIV, Section 1. 

The provisions of this section shall be known as the Right to Remember Amendment.  Missouri has a proud heritage of leadership and volunteerism by private citizens who have helped build this state and nation, and who have ensured that the enuring lessons of our history are remembered and handed down to future generations of Missourians.  It shall therefore continue to be the public policy of this state to remember our nation's and state's historic conflicts, events, and figures by preserving the historical memorials and monuments in this state.

VOTE YES -  FOR THE RIGHT TO REMEMBER ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018 and please share!!

Roger Graham


2018-03-26 22:29:14

HB2189, MISSOURI VETERAN’S HERITAGE PROTECTION ACT, will be heard by the General Laws Committee on Tuesday (tomorrow), March 27, 2018, in House Hearing Room 5 at 5:00 p.m. 


Roger Graham

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2018-02-04 05:19:59


Roger Graham

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2018-01-29 16:19:06


Roger Graham

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2018-01-21 01:40:21


Roger Graham

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