A piece of land for Gray, grass to walk, sun to enjoy and privacy.

A flooded zoo, Ussuriysk, Far East of Russia, 2015,

At the zoo,...a lion,...Gray,...in a tiny cage, standing in water up to his neck for three days.

Lion Gray was rescued, airlifted to safety and brought to the Rehab Center where he arrived in bad condition. Gray had lived under terrible conditions and had not recieved the right nutrition and care. At last at the rehab center for the first time he felt grass under his feet and the sun on his face.

But, the authorities took him from the rehab center and he was taken to the city zoo at Ussuriysk. No more grass, sunshine, back to a tiny cage, a concrete floor.

The zoo is taking good care of Gray, good nutrition, but his cage is too small there is not enough space to move around, no grass, no sunshine, no trees, but worse from that, he is over-exposed, people are watching him, in front of his cage, passing by his cage. The zoo have 20.000 visitors a year. It is a small zoo, about 8 bears and Lion Gray.

The zoo does not let him go, I've tried and tried,....

I make an ultimate effort to ask the mayor of Ussuriysk to let Gray live on a piece of land with grass, sunshine, a platform to climb on, trees and bushes, a piece of land where he has more privacy, with a bamboo fence, people can look at him from behind the fence, no more stress for Gray.

Zoos are not the best places for animals to live in. Lion Gray has suffered enough, it is time to give him more space and quality of life.

Please sign this petition asking the authorities to give Lion Gray a future he can enjoy.

Thank you

Conny Eckhardt



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