Appeal for vote of no confidence in Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström

As Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström has been an unmitigated catastrophe regarding the prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

From the very day she took office as Foreign Minister and her government’s first policy statement, Margot Wallström has consistently pursued active discrimination against Israel and has equally effectively painted Sweden into a corner, without any possibility of positively impacting the relationship between Israelis and the Palestinian Arabs.

Margot Wallström’s policy is clearly anti-Israel. First came her recognition of Palestine. Then her speech about “extrajudicial executions” – referring to measures Israel takes to stop terrorism of the very same kind that is now also affecting Sweden but that has hit Israelis countless times. After that came her recurrent obsession with Israel and her utter insensitivity to Jewish concerns by muddying the waters when referring to Israel and the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Arabs in contexts that have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel – for instance in her infamous comments on the 2016 terror attack in Paris. Next came her trip to her “friend” Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah at the same time as this same “friend” ordered the arrest of Palestinian Members of Parliament who dared criticise the Palestinian leadership’s corruption. This was followed by her obsequious compliancy with the al Jazeera journalist who claimed that the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism leads an extremist right-wing lobby group in Sweden. And now most recently, Sweden’s active support for UNESCO resolutions that deny Judaism’s and Israel’s ties to Jerusalem.

Sweden today has absolutely no influence in the Middle East. Margot Wallström has only the ear of the thoroughly corrupt, nepotistic Palestinian Arab leadership. Nobody else.

Following Sweden’s anti-Israel stance in recent years, most recently at UNESCO, Sweden has completely lost its moral compass. Sweden has rendered itself totally irrelevant as a partner for peace in the region because its prejudices prevent it from following the voting patterns of other democratic UN member states. Instead, Sweden joins forces with totalitarian regimes that pursue a clearly anti-Semitic agenda, regimes that deny the existence of Israel – the region’s only democracy; denying both Israel’s historic ties to the land and its right to exist as a Jewish state. It is Margot Wallström who bears the greatest responsibility for fashioning and pursuing this policy.

We hereby submit a request to Sweden’s Members of Parliament to carry a vote of no confidence in Foreign Minister Margot Wallström.

The signatures will be submitted to all Swedish Parliamentary parties.

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