Petition for hiring docent of astronomy Pertti Rautiainen back as a teacher at the University of Oulu

All students that have ever shown any interest towards learning astronomy in the University of Oulu have undoubtedly had the privilige of being taught by the inspiring university lecturer and docent of astronomy Pertti Rautiainen at some point in their studies.

This front man of astronomy has for many years explained the secrets of the universe and the history of astronomy in a popular and entertaining manner, acting as a university teacher for a multitude of physics and astronomy courses. He has gathered a significant experience in this job, and guided a large amount of contented students forward in the path of science. In addition to handling traditional teaching duties, Pertti has also for example acted as a coordinator for the Doctoral Programme of Exact Sciences (Exactus-DP) at the University of Oulu, and for the Astronomy and Space Physics Doctoral Programme of the Academy of Finland.

Pertti deserves special praise for representing and popularizing astronomy for the general public and organizing introductory courses in astronomy. Us former and current students, colleagues and other concerned signers of this petition feel that Pertti is an irreplaceable part of astronomy teaching at the University of Oulu.

We, the signers of this petition, demand that the degree programme of mathematics and physics at the University of Oulu arranges the required funding fo hiring Pertti back as a university teacher.


Pictures for this petition were taken from Pertti's facebook page (left), and from a web article in Kaleva (right). The cat is not a part of the teaching staff.

Katja Matilainen, opiskelija, Oulun yliopisto    Contact the author of the petition