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5 Petition for information systems in the new University of Turku (Closed)
Turku School of Economics and University of Turku are merging in the beginning of the year 2010. At the moment there are some preliminary plans made for the new University. Some of the key subjects at the moment are the student information systems and the email service. Currently University of Turku has a student information system called NettiOpsu and Turku School of Economics uses a system calle...
Mar 16, 2009
5 Petition for better education
                                       BRIGHTER FUTURES FOR THE YOUTH Idea: This petition will be be used to bring back fun educational shows on television such as school house rock. I beleive fun education will lead to great futures for children especially when the songs are catchy. With low fcat and other test scores, there are only positive effects in this project.  ...
Aug 06, 2010
5 We survived
To the Choctaw Peoples A dheartháireacha is a dheirfiúracha, gabhaimíd míle buíochas libhse agus le bhúr muintir a chuaigh romhaibh as bhúr gcarthanacht. We, the descendants of those who survived the Great Hunger in Ireland (1845-1852), wish to convey our sincere thanks to you the Choctaw people and to your ancestors for their thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness in assisting our people during...
Aug 11, 2010
5 Bring back Beyblade on Cartoon Network!
Bring it back! WE WANT BEYBLADE!...
Oct 30, 2010
5 Sony; Older tape cases back!
Sony has made some new crappy desing for the tape cases that are on sale at least here in Finland. The new shape sucks!!! 1. The shape is odd, and so the usual tape covers doesn't fit in the case, it is too small in way or another, and so the covers get crumpled and screwed up. 2. The cases get broken quite easily. 3. There is an odd line because of the new shape that shows up on the place of t...
Nov 20, 2010
5 Stop the imports of fertilizers from Europe to Albania
Kunder importit te Pleherave te Europes ne Shqiperi te shpetojme SHQIPERINE tone te dashur! Faleminderit!  ...
Nov 29, 2010
5 Kristo na forumna
Ние простомъртните се молим на всевишния и svetlio.varna,горепосоченият Кристо да се яви на форумна среща във вторник или друг посочен от мнозинството ден точка=>....
Dec 11, 2010
5 Disney Petition Maps
Help me make a difference by signing this petition for disney to start placing recycle bins just for maps and paper by doing this we can save animals the enviroment and help the planet one signature at a time.Thank You! just sign your name and state or city....
Jan 01, 2011
5 Против събарянето на паметника на "Съветската армия"
Паметникът на Съветската армия е издигнат през 1954 г. от творчески колектив с ръководител Димитър Митов. През 1993 г. Столична община взима решение за неговото събаряне. Тогава посолството на Русия в София, както и кръгове в Кремъл реагират много остро на идеята и паметникът остава. Опитите да бъде унищожен този паметник продължават и днес. Нека не позволяваме на онези говеда в парламента да...
Jan 09, 2011
5 Should Dawes Lane remain open to public use?
Tata Steel is proposing to prohibit the number of vehicles using Dawes Lane as part of a security crackdown.  More than 10,000 journeys are made on the road daily but due to a crime wave the steel firm wants to tighten up security.  It aims to install gatehouses with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras which will only allow registered vehicles through. This means that residents of Br...
Jan 12, 2011