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5 Fight Diabetes Discrimination
There is a lot of slander towards diabetics no matter what type of diabetes you have. Media call overweight diabetics "tubbies and fatties" without understanding the casues of diabetes. There is a lot of new diabetes out there i.e. type 1.5 also know as LADA. I want to help fight the discrimination that we diabetics face each and every day. I want people to understand the differences, caus...
Jul 28, 2014
5 Bring Mr.Thompson Back
Mr. thompson is the reason i am the way i am. he help me get over my fear of people he help me make friends and mde me realize my talent for acting and he was always there whenever i needed him. out of all the teachers at hermitage he was the only one i trusted and count on. He touched many students lives at that school and it is not fair that they fired him. he did lot for that school.  please si...
Aug 07, 2014
5 People Against Ebola In Africa
The ebola virus is one of the most dangerous virus in the world. But up until recently, it was rare. This disease is known to cause bleeding inside and outside of the body. As it travels throughout the body it causes damage to the immune system and internal organs. It also causes blood clotting and cells to drop, which leads to severe and uncontrollable bleeding. This virus kills up to 90% of the...
Aug 08, 2014
5 Xbox + Playstation = Master Console
Okay almost everyone has friends that have the rival console ( For instance I have a playstation 4 and 3, but pretty much all my friends have xbox's ) so what do you guys think? Should Sony and Microsoft team up? WHO'S WITH ME!?!?...
Aug 09, 2014
5 Ban Tony Stewart From NASCAR
Tony Stewart has been overly aggressive and gas caused more wrecks that countable, on the plus, he has even been to anger management for his constant aggressive behaviour, I think his NASCAR lisence should be taken away and banned from the sport....
Aug 12, 2014
5 Justice for Jadyn
In the best interest of the child. More and more parents are getting their parental rights terminated either taken or surrendered. This leaves that parent no rights to the child or any legal say in further interest of the child. Why then does the child have to live with that person's name on their birth certificate? Many times the termination stems from abuse. So the terminated parent has no finan...
Aug 13, 2014
5 Native American Indian History month
To honor all native American Indian tribe's for their services and sacrifices they made for their land and their people. This is to give them honor and respect they so well deserve a month dedicated to all Native Indian tribe's of this nation....
Aug 27, 2014
On February 16th,2014 Nichole Weibe age 18 was killed instantly when the vehicle drivin by a friend.lost control.Sending my Daughter into a tree at nearly 90 mph.killing her instantly. The police report claims no one had been under any influence of Drugs or Alcohol. The reason for the accident was due to " Inexperience behind the wheel,Lack of knowledge. Automobile accidents are the leadin...
Sep 03, 2014
5 Stop ACTBLUE from harassing donors
Dear Democratic Party: We are tired of the gloom-and-doom, sky-is-falling, woe-is-us, depressing, discouraging, ridiculous email messages that ACTBLUE sends in the names of people we thought we could depend on to be honest with us and treat us with respect. We doubt seriously that President Obama, First Lady Obama, Vice President Biden, President Clinton, Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi, or the multi...
Sep 08, 2014
5 Petition to bring Demi Lovato to Croatia
Sep 15, 2014