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411 475 Save our Hydrotherapy Pool (Closed)
The Borders Health Board are closing the hydrotherapy pool at the BGH. Patients will now be expected to visit our local swimming pools to receive their treatment. This pool is designed for specialist care and treatment, which provides an essential service to hundreds of patients throughout the year and can not simply be replaced by using our local swimming pools. If you would like to voice your co...
Nov 18, 2012
409 412 Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary
Self-determination and sovereignty of Hungary Hungaria semper libera Una et eadem libertas The fundamental rights of self-determination and freedom have been integral parts of the Constitution of Hungary for hundreds of years. Throughout history, the violation of these rights have repeatedly led to insurrections and revolutions which, on the long run, rippled through the whole of Europe. In 195...
Jan 19, 2012
408 596 Geen parool vir Alison Botha Verkragters(monsters) nie.
Me. Alison Botha is in 1994 wreed deur Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit aangeval. Ügen Vos, Jeanne-Marié Versluis en André Damons Twee mans wat me. Alison Botha verkrag, byna keelaf gesny en vir dood agtergelaat het, kan ná 17 jaar agter tralies dalk binnekort vrygelaat word. Theuns Kruger en Frans du Toit is in Augustus 1995 tot lewenslange tronkstraf gevonnis. Ingevolge wetgewing wat in Junie verl...
Jan 19, 2012
400 681 Free Armin
Ministry of Justice republic of Korea  & UNHCR in South Korea I am writing to express my strongest concern over the fate of Armin Rad (Hosein Javaherynia) borne in Iran, who is currently in Hwaseong  Immigration  detention  centre in South Korea and is going to be deported to Iran in any moment. Armin Rad (Hosein Javaherynia)   is a well-known political opponent of the Islamic Regime of Ira...
Nov 25, 2012
400 444 Vratimo lice niškoj Tvrđavi
Peticija za izmeštanje neprimerenih sadržaja lociranih po obodu Tvrđavskih zidina, objekta od najvećeg kulturnog značaja u ovom podneblju. Kada neki stranac stigne u naš grad, prođe najprljaviji i najružniji deo grada koji se ni u jednoj drugoj zemlji ne bi lepio uz zidine najvažnijeg spomenika kulture! Tvrđava je mogla da bude osmišljena kao jedinstvena turistička atrakcija, kao jedini muzej na o...
Oct 31, 2012
391 495 Dear Samsung, please make 64GB/32GB models of the Galaxy Note II
Dear Samsung Mobile of Samsung Electronics, Please manufacture 64GB and 32GB models of the Samsung Galaxy Note II because there are tons of people that are ready to buy a 64GB or 32GB Galaxy Note 2 when it becomes available.  Also, there are tons of people who have already purchased a 16GB Galaxy Note II, and although they are happy with the device, they would have been much happier with a higher...
Nov 27, 2012
391 391 Opposition to ITV (Closed)
The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng has received the following information concerning ITV.   “We have also been informed that there is regular Girls qiraat, where the girls are filmed. Most adverts have women, in fact in one of the adverts the lady is at a hair salon and her hair is exposed. Cartoons for the children depict the stories of the Ambiya (AS) There is music as interludes.” A concerted effort...
Jul 25, 2012
375 433 CJOP, give Capital Punishment to Anti-Pakistan Journalists!
Respected Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry sahb, we the youth of Pakistan demand that you take a suo motu notice of anti-constitution, anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan, anti-two nation theory, anti-Quaid-e-Azam and anti-Allama Iqbal propaganda campaign being massively launched on foreign funded so-called Pakistani channels and give all the ideological terrorists the biggest pu...
Mar 31, 2012
374 374 Petition To Stop Negotiations.........عريضة لوقف المفاوضات
  نحن الموقعون ادناه نطالب القيادة الفلسطينية بوقف اللقاءات الجارية في عمان والمفاوضات مع الكيان الصهيوني بشكل كامل والالتفاف حول مطلب شعبنا الفلسطيني بمقاطعة العدو وتحقيق الوحدة وفق استراتيجية مقاومة   فلسطينيون من اجل الكرامة   We, the undersigned, demand that the Palestinian leadership immediately stop the ongoing negotiations in Amman, Jordan. Furthermore, we demand that they implement the...
Jan 16, 2012
369 373 Palestinian prisoners
We call for an end to the Israeli policy of mass imprisonment of Palestinians Hundreds imprisoned with no charge Imprisoned children Regular mistreatment, torture, isolation, deprivation of visits In April 2012, we celebrate the release at last of hunger striker Khader Adnan after 66 days' on hunger strike against administrative detention (indefinite prison without charges or trial) - celebrate...
Apr 21, 2012