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804 839 Apple: we want to use 4G - LTE on our iPhones.
We want to use the 4G network on our iPhone, regardless of the Belgian network operator. We know Base & Belgacom/Proximus are trying to convince Apple to open up the 4G for their users. But we, the actual users, will also do the best we can to help them. By collecting as many signatures as possible through this petition, we want to show Apple that their users, their community and fans also hav...
Nov 22, 2013
797 904 Redditch United Refused Relocation
· Redditch United’s (RUFC) history goes back 125 years. Our first team playing two leagues below the football league. RUFC is a community club represented by 20 boys, girls and disabled teams. · We are hampered with a stadium with one pitch, two changing rooms and tired facilities. · To secure the next 100 years involves moving the club from its existing stadium to world class, purpose built, sp...
Oct 24, 2013
790 814 Да ја запреме кражбата на мотори!
Во изминативе неколку години во Скопје се случуваат дрски кражби на мотори за кои подоцна на сопствениците им се бараат пари за откуп. Само во изминатата година се украдени повеќе од 140 мотори и скутери, а од почетокот на годинава до сега се украдени 5 мотоцикли, иако мото сезоната сеуште не е започната. Мотори се крадат од дворови, гаражи, паркинг места, па дури и од тротоари на булеварите. Крад...
Mar 17, 2013
725 837 puppyfarming-staceyhayward
GET THIS WOMAN'S PET SHOP LICENSE OR ANY ANIMAL RELATED LICENSE TAKEN OFF HER AND NEVER, RE-ISSUED! AND TO ENSURE SHE GETS A FINE AND ALL THE DOGS SHE CURRENTLY HAS TAKEN OFF HER! Back in April 2012, myself, my partner and my partner's sister wanted two Labradors. I wanted a chocolate one and my partners sister wanted a yellow one. We saw an advert online saying they had a litter of Labrador pupp...
Dec 20, 2013
718 721 JMC Inspiration Touchstone
Jason McRoy was one of the pioneers of international downhill mountain biking and his efforts and exploits on the international and national stage endeared him to the public and helped establish him as a leading figure in UK cycling. Inducted into two National Cycling Halls of Fame, Jason was well known and respected by his peers and fans. His untimely death in 1995 at the age of 23 when his caree...
Oct 23, 2013
Honorable Gonzalo Curiel:   Please review this petition and grant our request to have the Receiver removed as administrator of my General Partnership investment(s).  These land partnerships were dragged into this without the appropriate Due Process.  Please understand that, with the implementation of a Receiver, our ability to communicate with one another as partners was taken away since the Recei...
Jul 14, 2013
696 758 Give Zynga Customer Support back to non-VIP players
Fellow Mafia Wars Players. Throughout the time, people have had access to Zynga Customer Support, but those days are over. Well, at least for the ones that don't have VIP. Before VIP came, everyone playing the game had access to the support. When VIP came out, it was slowly taken away from those without it. At first it was only the livechat, but after a little while it was also the option to email...
Dec 12, 2013
689 738 FreeSeyoumTsehaye
Seyoum Tsehaye is a journalist and prisoner of conscience who worked for democracy and justice. He has been illegaly detained in Eritrea since 2001. By signing this, you hereby demand his freedom. We want to put pressure on the Eritrean Government to immediately release him and all the other prisoners of conscience....
Sep 22, 2013
681 685 Let's Buy The Axiom
Please sign this petition to support the "Community Right To Bid" that has been submitted to Cheltenham Borough Council...
Nov 26, 2013
661 670 Arrest Anjem Choudray for being accessory to murder of Lee Rigby
Muslim cleric Anjem Choudray has publicly disclosed that the killer of Lee Rigby (Michael Adebolajo) attended his sermons and marches. In other words he played a part in his radicalisation and should therefore be held accountable in a court of law.   David Cameron has recently published a report in response to the Lee Rigby murder indicating that from now on the Government/Police will take a zero...
Dec 17, 2013