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2014 All time Petition nameCreated
3 279 3 320 Tiltakozás a roma gyerekek szegregációjának legalizálása ellen
A magyar törvények (Az egyenlő bánásmódról és az esélyegyenlőség előmozdításáról szóló tv.) és az Uniós kötelezettségek (Faji egyenlőségi irányelv) alapján is tilos Magyarországon a faji vagy nemzetiségi alapú hátrányos megkülönböztetés. Az elmúlt 10 évben a bíróságok töretlen gyakorlata és számos tanulmány is alámtámasztotta, hogy az iskolai elkülönítés, a szegregáció mind nemzetiségi alapon, min...
Nov 26, 2014
3 270 5 719 Stop Testing on Monkeys
I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of...
Sep 12, 2013
Please read if you're not 100% sure what the petition is all about and follow the instructions at the bottom as soon as you're done reading and you've made a decision whether you agree or disagree with this new law Alien animals 21. (1) The animals referred to in Schedule 4 are alien animals (2) The MEC may by notice in the Provincial Gazette amend, substitute or repeal Schedule 4 to th...
Feb 04, 2014
3 037 3 048 Save RHS
DPS (Detroit Public Schools) are making drastic changes to Detroit Renaissance High School. They are getting rid of the rotation schedule, a method that ensured students were meeting that criteria for graduation. They are also considering firing teachers. Including Kevin Smith, the best, most well-known Economics teacher inMichigan and DPS Schools. Along with cutting funds for sports programs, the...
Aug 19, 2014
3 025 3 031 Jazz Club Čekaonica, Beat and studios in BIGZ, Belgrade
Save BIGZ as the Alternative Cultural Centre of Belgrade. Help us prevent from mooving out Jazz Club Čekaonica, Beat and the rest of the studios in BIGZ building....
May 15, 2014
3 025 3 031 Jazz klub Čekaonica, Beat i studiji u BIGZ-u
Sprečite iseljenje jazz kluba Čekaonice, Beat-a i muzičkih studija iz BIGZ-a, sprečite gašenje BIGZ-a kao alternativnog kulturnog centra Beograda. BIGZ je jedan od najpoznatijih i najvećih kulturnih centara mladih u Evropi i dom najvećeg jazz kluba Srbije, jedinog prostora u kome afirmisani i neafirmisani muzičari sa naših prostora i inostranstva mogu da se pokažu. BIGZ se nalazi u svim turistič...
May 15, 2014
2 943 2 945 Make sheppey bridge safe to cross
As all know sheppey bridge is very unsafe and has been since it was built!! We need to reasure people it's safe to cross a very busy bridge. I vote speed cameras should be placed not 1 Camera but a few and heavy fines needs to introduce. We need a hard shoulder for emergencys, the bridge needs to be more lit up and signs to warn people of the bends and hazards!! After a few deaths occurred on th...
Jul 01, 2014
2 696 11 993 No more Thyroid Madness
Levaxin (synthetic T4) is medicine we thyroid disease offered and many patients are doing very well on it but, there are also many who do not regain their health with Levaxin, which is a synthetic hormone, but feel very bad with persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. I want this to be illuminated in the medical treatment! These people are today without the help and medicine,...
Nov 11, 2013
2 696 11 993 Stoppa sköldkörtelskandalen
Levaxin är medicinen vi med sjukdom i sköldkörteln erbjuds och många patienter mår alldeles utmärkt på den men, det finns även många som inte återfår sin hälsa med Levaxin,som är ett syntetiskt hormon, utan mår mycket dåligt med kvarstående symtom av hypotyreos eller hypertyreos. Jag vill att detta ska belysas inom läkarvården! Dessa människor står idag utan hjälp och medicin, trots att alternati...
Nov 11, 2013
2 695 2 698 Save the Kyloe Cow
After more than 2 years  harmlessly keeping watch over the West End from our first floor restaurant window, The City of Edinburgh Council has officially started formal enforcement proceedings for the removal of the Kyloe cow. According to the council, the cow sculpture is to be removed because of the “detrimental effect on the character of the listed building and on the amenity of the area caused...
Jan 30, 2014