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143 288 Police brutality at the Edenvale Police Station
We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned with the continuing police brutality at the Edenvale police station and demand that the National Police Commissioner institute a urgent inquiry into the SAPS members at the police station including but not limited to; lifestyle audits, promotions, qualifications and training of all the SAPS members at the Edenvale police station....
Aug 13, 2018
I am starting a petition to wake up the City Council of Edinburgh. Edinburgh has had many famous people born within it,and  statues and monuments are to be seen all over the city.There is even a statue of the dog,Greyfriars Bobby! Now think about that one for a moment.A dog!Then think about the fact that the biggest Scottish pop group of them all,the Bay City Rollers,come from Edinburgh!And yet,th...
Sep 06, 2012
132 135 To the President and Council of Darul Arqam Singapore (Closed)
Petition to the President and Council Members of the Muslim Converts Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam Singapore) To: 1. Muhammad Imran Kuna/President 2. Foo Eng Yoong @ Adam Foo/Deputy President 3. Abdullah Suresh/Vice President, Corporate Affairs 4. Ng Keng Khong @ Saleem Ng/Vice President, Finance 5. Lim Kok Hao Ivan @ Iskandar Zulkarnain/Assistant Vice President, Finance 6. Zin Bo A...
Sep 03, 2018
131 132 Nous soutenons les deux touristes sénégalais qui ont été condamnés à l'expulsion pour de mauvaises raisons
Quand les frères sont venus en Suède, ils ont appelé Ibra Lo et Pape Matar. Maintenant, ils s'appellent cas 366 et cas 367. Ils avaient rendu visite à leur père en Hollande, détenaient leur visa de touriste et attendaient avec impatience de passer deux semaines avec un cousin vivant à Malmö. Mais ils ne sont pas descendus du bus jusqu'à ce que la police des frontières Suèdois les détienne. Quelque...
Aug 27, 2018
129 129 Support Black-Owned Gym In The City
What if your local gym truly cared about you; instead of viewing you as nothing more than a membership fee or a monthly promotional offer? And the staff worked with you to not only achieve your fitness goals without judgment, but also to support your personal growth and development?  How would it feel to be a part of a not only a gym; but a community of like-minded individuals and a dedicated sta...
Sep 06, 2018
128 128 The stink in Edenvale storm water drains
This petition is to ask for action from Ekurhuleni municipality to identify where the “grey” water is coming from that is flowing in the storm water drain passing through highway gardens. Once identified they need to find a solution to stop this water at the source and prevent any future occurrences. As this water is causing the whole highway gardens to smell and is unbearable. It also poses a maj...
Sep 18, 2018
114 114 اعنراض به اختصاص سهميه ٥% از سهميه دانشگاه ها به فرزندان رزمندگان
با سلام تصویب ماده‌ی ۹۰ قانون برنامه پنج ساله‌ی ششم توسعه توسط مجلس شورای اسلامی در دی ماه ۹۵ و اختصاص ۵% از سهمیه پذیرش دانشگاه‌ها به فرزندان رزمندگان با سابقه‌ی حداقل ۶ ماه و جانبازان کمتر از ۲۵% سبب بروز نگرانی در بین جامعه‌ی علوم پزشکی و دانشجویان رشته‌های مرتبط شده‌ است. دغدغه اصلی اختصاص مازاد سهمیه‌ی ۲۵% شاهد و ایثارگران -که باتوجه به شرط حدنصاب علمی 80 درصد, تا‌کنون به سهمیه‌ی آزاد افزود...
Sep 10, 2018
108 153 CAM (Communities Against Mining) is opposed to the proposed mining application by West Wits amongst the suburbs of Roodepoort and Soweto in Gauteng.
WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF MINING IN YOUR SUBURB OR COMMUNITY? 1)      Global best practice demands that all mines should have an exclusion/safety zone of at least 500 meters, and if blasting is involved, not less than 1500 meters. None of the currently proposed mining projects in Roodepoort honour this global best practice. 2)       When operational these opencast proposals will cover your prop...
Aug 05, 2018
89 8 232 Stop the Nobel Center in Stockholm!
We are against the demolition of highly valued cultural heritage in the heart of Stockholm and believe there are better places for the Nobel Center to be built, if it has to be built at all. The current design of the Center is much too big for the setting, and risks dwarfing one of Sweden's landmark architectural masterpieces, the National Museum of Art. We want to refine the Blasieholmen peninsul...
Feb 07, 2014
86 86 We the community have come to the conclusion that a.We have lost trust in Angus Mckenzie b.We believe that his divisive tactics is detrimental to the building of our community
The residents of Bonteheuwel have rallied and mobilised ourselves and came together in unity, anger and despair, to have a protest action against the scourge of violence that have engulfed our community. It was agreed that on Wednesday 29 August 2018, at Jakkalsvlei-Valhalla Drive, Bluegum- Jakes Gerwel  and Jakkalsvlei-Jakes Gerwel Intersections the community will gather and cause a total shutdow...
Sep 03, 2018