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1. We did not agree to be experimented on for ANY reason whatsoever. 2  We did not consent to any public funds being allocated towards geo-engineering/ chemtrails in South Africa. 3. We demand that our elected officials investigate 'the fumigation of citizens' and appropriately charge any guilty      parties. 4. As citizens, we reserve the right to prosecute any individuals, corporations or govern...
Jul 19, 2016
2 242 A request for the change of language politics in aviation
English was imposed in aviation in 1951. It is one of the main reasons for accidents, due to confusion and misunderstanding between pilots and control towers. In 2000, 11 % of accidents and incidents were caused because of English. In 1977, an accident, which occured due to poor mutual understanding, caused 583 deaths in Tenerife. The American TV station NBC reported 345 misunderstandings, acciden...
Apr 11, 2016
EUROPEAN WRITERS' OPEN LETTER TO THE EU AUTHORITIES (October, 22nd 2015)    Copyright spells authors' rights       Let us speak plainly: we writers do not understand the EU’s insistence on “reforming” copyright/authors’ rights in Europe.   The European Commission has chosen the wrong target in attacking authors’ rights in order to encourage the emergence of a “Digital Single Market”, when it is...
Oct 26, 2015
2 760 Media - Put focus on the "Planetary boundaries" every day!
We want to see " Studio for survival" in prime time every day the same way as it has sport studio and economics news !   Five years ! It is the timelimit to change human activity so that it stays within the planetary boundaries. It is urgent! Very urgent considering how large and complex systems that must change. If we do not succeed within this time frame , observations and forecasts show that t...
Dec 02, 2014
2 5 719 Stop Testing on Monkeys
I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of...
Sep 12, 2013
2 5 340 Support Hungary!
Primary reason for petition: People of Europe! Hungary needs your support in its strife for freedom, cultural integrity, traditional values, and moral worth. Currently Hungary is the symbol of resistance in Europe. Hungary has demonstrated that they will not lose the freedom they gained from the Soviet Union to a better masked, yet not less oppressive empire. On January 21, 2012, four hundred tho...
Feb 02, 2012
2 19 Stop the dolphin and whale slaughter in Faroe Islands
I heard about this tradition in Faroe Islands, Denmark. It's a yearly tradition. It's about teens growing up, becoming an adult, and it cannot happen without killing dolphins and whales. Every year hundreds of these intelligent, human-friendly creatures are driven to bay or shore, and killed with a hook and a speacial knife. They bleed to death and people celebrate in the blood-red water. Read mor...
Nov 25, 2011
1 87 Matric Dance 2018 request
To the Matric dance 2018 comitee  We as the grade 12s of 2018 are very  thankful  for the hardwork  and Effort  you are implementing  for the special night of the 27th of September   we are very grateful   As a matter of consent we understand that having no  choice  of cars is a matter of it's own and we accept it as there is not much we can do  However the requests we have are very much understan...
Sep 09, 2018
1 80 Reinstate Taylor Reign Instagram account!
Instagram removed Taylor Reign's original Instagram account down without explanation, we want it back! His fans believe it’s a really not right or fair to do so without explanation or for him not to have an explanation.  Because they’re not giving him a reason, and since Instagram has often banned accounts of LGBT+ people we just think it’s unfair. We want his account back. His original account wa...
Sep 07, 2018
1 132 Nous soutenons les deux touristes sénégalais qui ont été condamnés à l'expulsion pour de mauvaises raisons
Quand les frères sont venus en Suède, ils ont appelé Ibra Lo et Pape Matar. Maintenant, ils s'appellent cas 366 et cas 367. Ils avaient rendu visite à leur père en Hollande, détenaient leur visa de touriste et attendaient avec impatience de passer deux semaines avec un cousin vivant à Malmö. Mais ils ne sont pas descendus du bus jusqu'à ce que la police des frontières Suèdois les détienne. Quelque...
Aug 27, 2018