Change "Amber Alert" Guidelines.

We are all aware of the recent tragedy in Bedford. But let me correct all of the misinformed individuals that know nothing about law enforcement or the Amber Alert. Bedford PD did nothing wrong. They did everything they could within their power to prevent this. Unfortunately their hands were tied by the Amber Alert State and Federal guidelines. I am beginning a campaign  to change those guidelines. But I need as much help as I can get. Please sign and forward this petition to everyone you can. I am also trying to put together a group meeting between Tarrant County Police Chiefs (including the Tarrant County Sheriff) to get their opinions and concerns on what they think could or should be changed in the guidelines and discuss future programs outside of the Amber Alert system that would help local Law Enforcement and the Community work together during incidents like this one. Once I get enough signatures, I will begin flooding Senators offices, Congressional Offices and the Governors office with complaints and concerns and presenting the changes suggested. changGUIDE.jpg


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