Dear Sky UK, A Young Autistic Man Appeals For 100% Brand New EPG Music In January 2018 But Not To Start It As Early As New Year's Day As It's Still Christmas Time

Dear Sky UK's Music Department,

I am a 32 year-old man turning 33 on Christmas Eve of this year with disabilities consisting of autism, aspergers syndrome & cerebral palsy, have been absolutely fascinated with tv guide background music for over twenty years since cable tv's 1990s heyday & as a result I am still to this day fascinated with the background music on the Sky epg (electronic programme guide) on the older standard Sky & Sky+ boxes which are no longer in production but that I am thankful to still have.

For the past few years & sometimes successful, sometimes not, I have been appealing for brand new Christmas music on the epg each December followed by brand new ordinary music on the epg the following January.

Whilst there has been a major breakthrough in my current campaign for brand new CHRISTMAS epg music this December after Sky emailed one of my supporters to say they are working on getting new Christmas music for which is Sky's official music supplier as they currently DON'T have enough 100% all-NEW Christmas music, I am simply asking that new music FOLLOWS new music, so for instance should there be 100% all-new CHRISTMAS music on the Sky epg this December, then the CURRENT epg music which will get turned off for Christmas MUST NOT be put back on again in the new YEAR, but instead, a brand NEW set of ORDINARY music which has NEVER been used on the epg before AT ALL.

I have ALWAYS believed in new year new start!

But over the past few years I have noticed that as soon as we hit January the 1st-New Year's Day, the CHRISTMAS epg music has switched back again to ORDINARY music.

This is concerningly very SAD as there are twelve DAYS of Christmas & New Year's Day, the 1st of JANUARY is just ONE of them.

I have many SUPPORTERS behind me on this & even THEY don't think this is right, so from now on would you please make SURE that the brand new ORDINARY epg music DOESN'T start playing until at LEAST the 6th or the 7TH of January?

Change is absolutely vital to add to the freshness & newness of a brand new YEAR & that is WHY I do NOT want the music department at Sky to play the same CURRENT music on the epg in January for a THIRD year running, PLEASE Sky?

& if the music department could from now ON just use a selection of the brand new tracks which I send in on printouts of short URL addresses from then that way I'll KNOW I am getting the music I ASKED for-every TIME!

That will finally bring an END to the possibility that they have picked at least ONE former track as I don't WANT former tracks as when I try & test tracks from I will NEVER send in printouts of ANY tracks which I believe to have been USED on the epg BEFORE.

Printouts of short URL addresses to brand new tracks from for use for the Sky epg in January 2018 in which a great SELECTION of the tracks will be chosen will be on the way to Sky's music department SOON so this must SHOW how serious that I DON'T want to hear the CURRENT epg music AGAIN in January 2018.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Sky do NOT turn off the CHRISTMAS music until at LEAST the 6th of January as New Year's Day is very much STILL the festive period & do NOT use ANY tracks OTHER than the ones on the PRINTOUTS you receive from me in the post as that way I will KNOW every track which the MUSIC department use was ALSO chosen by MYSELF only that they've used a HANDFUL of them in a random ORDER & I will NEVER send in URL addresses of FORMER epg music.

All of my supporters expect nothing other than for Sky to give me the BEST start to 2018 with the BEST & FRESHEST new epg music chosen by me, POSSIBLE!




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