Keep the obligation to provide allotments for those who need them

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Apr 21, 2011, 21:59

Land use interests will always pressurise low value activities such as allotments, if sites are private or Local Authority owned we need to make sure the interests of tomorrow's generation are protected, as once they have gone its very unlikely these sort of land usages will return


Apr 25, 2011, 18:07

save allotments for local people


Apr 27, 2011, 15:48

I have no problems with Allotments as long as they are sited with a little thought for those who do not want them on their doorstep.Our Parish Council wish to put them feet away from Residents bedroom windows yet we live in a Rural location with an abundance of unused land.We found other land for the Association but they do not want it. Reasons not given the owner of the land wanted £80 per annum for a full size Allotment.Due to this out of date legislation they know they can get heavily funded by Taxpayers money. You have to ask do they really want Allotments.


Apr 27, 2011, 21:25

cant believe they should want to change the law to the detriment of all 'green-minded' voters.


Apr 27, 2011, 22:41

As Allotment secretary for a local Sussex Allotment Society, I can state explicitly that such is the demand in our village for an allotment plot, the Government should be seriously considering extending the provision of allotment land for rate-payers, not cutting it. Now that would be a most popular move!!

However, I don't hold out much hope of this coalition seeking to protect the rights of the individual: they seem more concerned with paying off their financial big-backers - that alone seems to me to explain this proposal.

In fact, here, all the plots are self-financing and cost the Parish Council nothing .. not even the cost of a stamp!
sizzie wong


Apr 28, 2011, 02:26

The goverment are trying to take every thing from the working class people we are bearing the brunt for the state of the UK they seem to forget we did not cause this mess the rich get richer and the poor well stay poor same old same old with the Conservatives and not forgetting the Lib Dems or sheep as I would call them now this is shocking what they are wanting to do shame on them I am also very angry. Please everyone sign the petition
jims pies


Apr 28, 2011, 02:40

allotments are a great asset , the only way to grow fresh fruit and veg much better than what you buy out of the shops there's no chemicals on the fruit and veg grown on allotments shop fruit greasy horibble stuff, these allotments must not be lost to the council/ developers for any amount of cash/favours.
do the goverment what every thing that the working class have? looks like it
big al


Apr 29, 2011, 17:09

i share my allotment with my dad and am hanging onto it for his retirement, would be gutted if it was snatched off me and given to developers!!

#9 Allotment takeover

Apr 30, 2011, 13:53

We are about to loose our allotments the council have for years wanted to build on them and now it looks like its gonna happen. The land has been sold to a developer and at most we have a year to try and keep it. Most of the plot holders have been told they will not be compensated for their hard work over the years these allotments have been there for 70 odd years. Why they want to build on this particular site no one knows as there is plenty of other empty land they use in the area. When you think of all the housing that stands empty or office blocks that stand empty why can't they use their resorces to update houses or rebuild on empty office block sites. I will be devastated when this happens as not only does it bring a lot of enjoyment into my life as with others on this site people will loose a community and social life we have to stop this from happening for future generations as the council is not interested in the welfare of the community just how much money can they make!!.


May 01, 2011, 11:39

my allotment gives me a hours of pleasure and this government has taken enough from the people already, SO LEAVE OUR ALLOTMENTS ALONE...

my wife and I are pensioners and so growing our own vegetables is not only good for our health, as it's fresh, but also saves us money.

My husband enjoys being on his allotment, and has made a whole new lot of friends.   He has signed this petition because he feels the people in this country don't fight for their rights, and allow this Laurel and Hardy duo to ride rough shod over us.....


#11 Re:

May 02, 2011, 15:04

#3: Homer -

Allotment land is harder to find in rural areas than in most urban areas. Land-owners in rural areas are reluctant to let go of any land.  They make more money by setting up expensive private schemes which are often in the wrong place.  In my rural village, surrounded by farmland, much of it unused or underused, I tried to start an allotment scheme for the Parish within easy reach of the primary school and it proved impossible, yet expensive private schemes have sprung up in areas where you need a car to reach them. They charge for the allotment, and for the fencing to go round each plot which they insist on, and for maintenance of the site.  In another part of the country, my daughter has a local authority allotment which costs her £5 per year.  Local Authorities need to keep existing and add new allotment areas.

united anarcist


May 02, 2011, 20:37

I've just signed up! the only answer to globalization is localisation. and the Tory's now want sell off everything including the carbon.Governments are just parasites holding back civilisation.


May 03, 2011, 01:40

And so the less-wealthy are obliged to buy their unhealthy food at the supermarket, instead of having a opportunity to grow healthy products themselves.

A shamefull setback in social governing.

#14 Allotments

May 03, 2011, 04:04

So Pickles wants to simplify the "burden" on local authorities by removing their obligation to provide allotments, does he? Has he forgotten that local authorities are paid for by us to provide services to our communities? Has he also forgotten that we pay his wages? It seems to me that he has lost the plot (literally). Allotmenteers are strong and passionate people - otherwise they couldn't do what they do. Ministers like PIckles ought to remember that they are in power by virtue of a very fragile coalition. Voters have long memories. Underestimate our resolve at your peril. I am VERY ANGRY at this nonsense.


#15 Re: Allotment takeover

May 04, 2011, 10:45

#9: hammy - Allotment takeover 

 Can you please send more details? We will feature this on the Daily Mirror Site

rainbow chard

#16 allotments

May 04, 2011, 21:51

in an age of austerity why not encourage people to grow their own.....i seem to remember the taxpayer forking out $750 for Cameron's wisteria to be pruned....



May 05, 2011, 11:22

having an allotment was one of the best things to happen to me. We also have a community allotment which provides training for young disadvantaged groups as well as time out for the elderly and health promotion.



May 05, 2011, 12:31

Allotments are a vital public utility especially in the present period of health awareness and economic difficulty. It is not clear to me whether the Bill allows councils to terminate existing Allotment arrangements or merely to be free of the obligation to provide more allotments? May I suggest we all contact our MPs as well?

#19 Re:

May 05, 2011, 17:15

#1: Stig -

I agree Stig. I rent an allotment on a trust site, but the trustees are all councilliers. A few years ago a section of the site was apparently sold to the County Council to build a replacement Fire Station. The proceeds were apparently minimal.

Recently we have learnt the site was actually sold to a developer, and is rented from him by the Council.

We need these plots to provide healthy food and a healthy lifestyle for the community. We need stricter regulation, not a relaxation of the rules. Vizslafan


#20 Re: Allotment takeover

May 05, 2011, 18:29

rainbow chard

#21 Re: better news

May 05, 2011, 18:40

#10: dudie -

i can't guarantee this...but at prime minister's questions yesterday a labour mp asked about pickle's comment on allowing the sale of allotments.....cameron appeared to pull back from it...we'll won't be as easy as they imagine...


all the best




May 05, 2011, 18:44

We definitley need this kind of petition, as the government does not normally do referendums, they carry on making all these reforms without a care for the people of the country. We really DO need allottments, as houses with gardens are getting smaller and smaller, nowhere to grow veggies to eat. more and more flats are being built with no outside space, yes we must petition and let the government know what we think, after all they are elected by the people.



May 05, 2011, 21:09

this is very underhand. we need to mobilise the public through the rhs and through gardening programs



May 06, 2011, 01:34

Please do not get rid of any allotments. There is already a national shortage and it will greatly contradict all the work on well being and mental health, where people are being encouraged to get outside more.



May 06, 2011, 03:21

how sneaky of our government not to announce properly the consultation time limit and to make it so short a period. Shameful policy. Expect there are lots of their developer friends waiting to get their hands on all OUR valuable land.

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