We must ban Muslim immigration and ban Islam in CANADA

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Nov 15, 2015, 22:22

L'islam est par essence politique et ne pourra, ni ne voudra et ne saura en être autrement. Ceci est un fait, une realite. Donc, dans tout état laïc de droits, l'islam perd tout son sens, et les musulmans devront faire un choix...choix qu'ils refusent de faire à ce jour.



Nov 15, 2015, 22:57

Because I do not want mire mulsum on my country



Nov 15, 2015, 23:23

These people do not integrate the culture but bring the Middle East with them everywhere they go. With time, this is how they take over a country.



Nov 15, 2015, 23:25

Better be safe than sorry



Nov 16, 2015, 00:09

Nous ne voulons pas de troubles avec ces migrants ni au Canada ni au Quebec. On nous impose leurs lois, religions etc. çà va être beau quand on sera tous masqués. Fini les accomodements raisonnables, on voit ce qu'ils en font!



Nov 16, 2015, 00:26

To protect our contry from extremist attacker.



Nov 16, 2015, 00:47

No syrians please. Syrians are Daesch !
We live in North America, they want to immigrate in Europe. Let them choose Europe.
In spite of everything, our economy cannot afford 25000 immigrants here. Canadians will have to pay and our infrastructure are not sufficient either.



Nov 16, 2015, 00:56

Non au réfugier qu'ils reste dans leur pays!!!!



Nov 16, 2015, 00:57

I am very worried for the safety of Canadians



Nov 16, 2015, 01:00

Aller venez signez que ca finisse calissssss



Nov 16, 2015, 01:27

For our childreen



Nov 16, 2015, 01:44

We must keep peace in Canada by screening our new immigrants !!!!!



Nov 16, 2015, 02:13

These refugees are an invasion into our country! Let the saudi princes, the sheiks of arabie, the imams in all mosques of the world take them in! No more muslims in Canada! Send them back to their homes and rebuild their own country.



Nov 16, 2015, 02:34

I want to do my job to help the Canadian government decide that the priority is to help our own citizens not refugees. Bringing the refugees here is not the answer.

#15 Canada is a Shithole because of Current day Immigration

Nov 16, 2015, 02:44

" Filling the country with people who cannot communicate with each other, who don't share culture, values or traditions, makes the population easy to control because there is no real cohesion.
The assimilation of our populations, native people and settlers was rerouted when they were put on "reservations" and not allowed to leave for many, many years. We should have been using that time to assimilate but some greedy bastard decided it would just be easier to subjugate them. That only served to delay the inevitable. So, now we must start again.
Although I may point out some of the differences, that is not to say that I disagree that we must be very, very careful of who enters our country for the safety and security, economic and socialistic expectations and in what numbers.
And, although it may sound draconian, I do believe that the practice of speaking neither of our two official languages in public must be curtailed and, ideally ended. Traditionally, this was seen to be extremely rude. My Mother was not a first-language English speaker and she, herself, would be have been appalled at what is common practice today. The implication is that, if they are not talking about you, they would speak in English or French, kind of like whispering in someone's ear when you are at a gathering. So, not only does this create confusion and division, it also contributes to our suspicion, our inability to feel that we can trust one another. It can be equated to, something like, "I put the bomb in the bus shelter under the seat." The effect is similar anyway. Further, this habit destroys our languages because one ends up communicating at the level of a three-year old when speaking to people who have not taken the time nor made the effort to adequately learn our languages. If you want to come to terms with your native hosts, you should be learning native languages. Instead we provide ELS at great expense, to newcomers and then they don't even use it. That makes no sense at all to me.
If we are going to be a strong nation, impervious to outside attack, we need cohesion. Bringing in ever greater numbers of people and telling them that all is free only creates resentment and discord and bankrupts our social safety net. What could be more effective at creating division amongst a population that is stretched almost to the breaking point than denying them basic services, which they have already paid for, and giving those same services to complete strangers? My strong impression is that people coming here have consistently been told that our social programs are "free". Of course, we are increasingly aware that that is simply not true. Providing those services to people as an introduction to Canadian life initiates that impression and is difficult to then reverse. There needs to be strong foresight & oversight.
We won't be much help to ourselves or to the world if we continue to bankrupt ourselves socially, culturally and economically. I feel that our culture has been faltered with the onslaught of newcomers. Today, we are little bits and pieces of many cultures but our own cultural evolution was effectively ended, handicapped by the efforts to assimilate so many different peoples. We need time to put all these bits and pieces together into something that looks and feels as though it is Canadian. At the very least, we need to be able to understand each other. No more REFUGEES, IMMIGRANTS or TFW's at this time!!!



Nov 16, 2015, 03:48

Le gouvernement a de l`argent pour acueillir les refugiés sans parler du risque potentiel d'infiltration des terroristes mais il n'a pas d'argent pour payer le système publique,la santé ,l'éducation!!!! Ceux-ci sont dans la rue depuis des mois pour demander leur droits...C'est honteux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Je suis une imigrante,moi même et quand je suis venue au Canada les critères d'admissibilité étaient très exigents,scolarité universitaire, bcp d'argent dans nos poches pour survivre....etc...Et là on paye de nos poches l'arrivée de terroristes sans que nos droits de citoyens canadiens soient respectés..... C'est trist...



Nov 16, 2015, 04:09

trash muslim the best answer for the Paris slaughter,is,Atomic bomber is pretty hard but its the real soluition,and just one muslim in Canada its to much,just check Belgium


#18 Canada has nothing to fear, i still believe the opposite of what they say.

Nov 16, 2015, 04:56

#1: -  

 Canada cant even afford to take care of the people here, yet let more people in by the masses, and put the needs of new arrvals first, while shoving the needs of the ones already here at the back of the line.

our forefathers faught and died for this country, and the woment fought long and hard to be treated as equals. and you have there newcomers looking to destroy everything our forefathers died fr and woment fought long and hard for too..

the trogan horseis on the way, when they arrive, they are going to lay low, and play along, until Boom, a ripple effect all across canäda. and it is garenteed to hapen when we let our guard down.


be prepared canada to see what îs already happening in Paris, Gremany, Europe, the same shit is going to hapen here.


#19 Re:

Nov 16, 2015, 05:07

#13: -  

 Absolutely agree 



Nov 16, 2015, 05:11

For our country.



Nov 16, 2015, 06:19

J'ai signé la pétition parce que je suis convaincue qu'il y aura plusieurs terroristes qui réussiront à se glisser parmi les 25000 immigrants et franchement, ça me fait peur!

De plus, je suis vraiment écœurée de plusieurs injustices, dont certaines inconnues par la majorité des québécois. Par exemple, j'ai appris de source sûre que les réfugiés reçoivent 2500$ d'Aide Sociale par mois pendant 2 ans après leur arrivée au Québec; c'est carrément choquant!!

Autre exemple, les règles de l'OMHQ et tout autre organisme de logements subventionnés, sont différentes pour les réfugiés (beaucoup plus favorables) !! Ils passent devant les québécois à cause d'un système de pointage très injuste (je suis témoin) et obtiennent très rapidement un logement subventionné, soit en dedans de 2 à 6 mois (j'ai plusieurs ami(e)s d'origine latine) pendant que nous les québécois "poirotons" pendant plusieurs années...



Nov 16, 2015, 13:33

M. Trudeau, cela était peut-^être une promesse électorale, mais
d' augmenter le délai d'entrée ne serais pas manquer à votre promesse.
Je crois que nous avons encore un avertissement soyons allumer.




Nov 16, 2015, 16:10

I have read citizen warrior and it spells out problems with the influx of Muslims and their ideas. The countries with more than 2% of muslims within their country encounter problems and problems increases with the percentage increase of population. We are at 1.9% in Canada and countries that increase in percentage of muslims also increase the promotion of their ideals. Why our prime minister would put our country at risk is anybodys guess. We have to stop it now! Also our young people cannot find jobs even with diplomas and we are taking in more people who we have to house, feed, train and find jobs for. They will get FREE training that Canadian citizens dont even receive. And who will pay for all this? The Canadian citizens of course. Lets use our tax dollars to end terrorism so Syrians can return to their homes in safety. That is an aid to all Syrians, not just Syrian refugees. We all think of the little Syrian boy who washed up on the shores which is very sad but what about the thousands of Syrian children who cannot flee and are subject to terrorist? Lets do the right thing and focus on the masses rather than the refugees.



Nov 16, 2015, 17:38

Why Canada have to accept the Syria's refugees in mass in a short period? Will it be a security issue?
Why can't Saudi Arabia country which share same language, culture, religious and more financial capable don't receive any refugees?



Nov 17, 2015, 00:00

I dont Want terrorist in Canada

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