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Jul 07, 2011, 14:31

I simply can not believe the sheer greed of developers and super chains, to make every high street and every town center across the land the same, stripping all individuality and soul out of our environment is a diabolical injustice to our sense of British creativity, eccentricity and pride in our local heritage.
Stokey (as we fondly refer to the area), does not need another big store like this, it will literally help kill the soul of our street causing even more traffic and pollution problems be the cause of yet more soul destroying damage to the already challenged high street independents who are the collective force serving and providing the community and have done so for many years thus helping sculpt their high street into the thriving buzz that it is today, and for this reason it is that the big 'super' stores want a piece of it! This is no just reward. It is our duty to save these precious areas of individuality and creativity from such greed, as they are a dying breed and need conservation. I am not against progression but I truly am sickened with anger by this planning proposal. What needs to happen before those in power realise that it is too late to save our streets?


#2 Re:

Jul 09, 2011, 20:53

#1: -

Eccentricity and individuality are all quite nice things to have - but I'm most concerned about a) spurious claims to job creation and other lovely things without any realistic quantification of the job destruction that is inevitable if we have yet another unnecessary supermarket on the doorstep. Nothing wrong with Morrisons for that sort of thing (hope they are objecting) b) traffic, disruption and all this for something noone, but noone, needs.....



Jul 10, 2011, 00:55

Big supermarkets ruin local businesses, high streets and whole towns. There are a ridiculous number of Sainsburys and especially Tescos in the area, we do not need or want another one. Especially in the planned location! It would mean destroying small local businesses and displacing people from their affordable housing. The traffic it would cause would also be a nightmare. No to big supermarkets in Stoke Newington!!!!



Jul 11, 2011, 14:40

Stop the supermarket destruction of our High Street.

#5 Job Creation?

Jul 11, 2011, 21:27

I question the net number of jobs created vs, jobs lost from local small businesses.
Appallingly greedy businesses like Sainsburys should not try to take over every square foot of commercial space to the detriment of local small entrepreneurs and trades.



Jul 12, 2011, 14:31

We must stop Sainsburys from taking over and spoiling our beloved Stokey


#7 and what about the size

Jul 13, 2011, 13:23

we have enough supermarkets in easy walking distance if that's what you want but I'm particularly worried about a five storey monstrosity in glass and stone looming over a conservation area intruding on everyday life and ruining how the place looks. "Stepped back" development or not this thing is huge and tall and we REALLY don't need the extra traffic and lorries in a one way system already stuffed morning, noon and night

#8 Write to Sainsbury's for more effect.

Aug 18, 2011, 13:23

Why not write to the top to explain in polite terms the level of opposition?
Justin King
c/o Sainsbury’s
33 Holborn
London EC1N 2HT

A few email addresses: (CEO) but his emails are handled by a Contact Centre (Chairman) (Director of Customer Marketing) (Director of Trading)



Sep 03, 2011, 13:35

Haven't we got enough supermarkets?



Sep 06, 2011, 01:48

Stokey just doesn't need another supermarket. There are at least 4 in walking distance.
More Jobs: Big brands do not necessarily offer good and well paid jobs, neither are they more secure than those of small jobs
More Flats: I think we have sufficient flats in the neighbourhood
Parking: Why would we need more parking for the area? To shop? There is a big Morrisson's and and Big Sainsbury's with parking nearby. And we have a lot of travel already and pollution.

The solution proposed does not increase quality of of work or living, neither for the rich nor for those less so!



Sep 06, 2011, 13:56

In the light of recent rioting and arson attacks on the doorstep of Stoke Newington how on earth does the developer seriously think anyone is going to want to buy a home, or will be able to get a mortgage for a flat above a unloved clone supermarket.



Sep 06, 2011, 23:44

We've got plenty of supermarkets already!



Oct 03, 2011, 14:12

I am a bit concerned at the ratio Church St/High St. among the places where you can pick up the forms. Perhaps more could be done to involve the High St. shops?

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Oct 04, 2011, 11:02

Al Scott


Oct 04, 2011, 11:04

I live in Stoke Newington & have a local Sainsbury's just on the high street.
Adding to that, just half a mile a down the road is a large
superstore in Dalston & then the very recently opened even
bigger store in Stamford Hill, again just 0.5 miles away also.

It's pointless you building another one, you don't need it,
we don't want & as a company should respect that. Three
stores within half a mile of each other is more than enough.

Do the right thing & don't bother going ahead with the proposed
Long before you ever had any stores in Hackney, the shops
on Church Street have stood their there for years.


#16 Stokey Pound?

Oct 07, 2011, 00:57

They did it in Brixton, let's do it here.



Oct 27, 2011, 14:36

I live 5 mins away from Church Street and I don't want another Sainsbury’s. I don't think there's a need for it! There are a Sainsbury’s and a Tesco on Stoke Newington High Street and in my opinion they are more than enough. And of course, no car park please. Let's use more public transport and bikes!

#18 Re: Job Creation?

Nov 27, 2011, 16:57

#5: Guest - Job Creation? 

 no one needs a bullshit job thanx



#19 dorking has the same problem

Mar 09, 2012, 23:04

Here in Dorking Surrey, we have the same unfortunate situation with a giant 3250m proposal being bribed through the council in the form of some cheap housing and the usual things that they throw in to get their superstore in situ. It is disgusting. Up and down the country people are finding themselves in similar situations. Good luck Stokey, but I bet like us, you are on to a stopping the Sainsbury pr machine and their awful supermarkets ruining our towns and cities.



May 20, 2012, 20:27

There is no need for a further major supermarket in Stoke Newington. The vibrant community of local, independent retailers is a major contributor to the character of Stoke Newington, much valued by local residents. While affordable housing is welcome, unfair competition from the big four which would kill off local competition is not welcome and not needed.


#21 Wilmer Place development

Aug 03, 2012, 15:44

This development is not just a Sainsburys Supermarket. It includes a large ground floor retail unit and then 5 storeys of residential development.
From what I have seen it is completely innapropriate for the area and location in terms of its scale, materials and use. It will cause significant damage to the flora and fauna at Abney Park "Cemetery" (adjacent to the proposed site) which is a Woodland Nature Reserve and Conservation Area with Listed Buildings and Monuments. It would Cause 18 months (or more) of disruption to traffic and local residents, through noise, deliveries, contractors, cranes, dust during demolition and construction. I fully oppose this planning application and urge all local residents, businesses and visitors to do the same. The GREED of the developer should not be allowed to ruin a healthy and happy community.

#22 No!!!

Jan 30, 2013, 19:10

We are just about to move into the area. Please do not let big corporate shopping mall ruin this lovely area.

#23 yuppy mugs

Jul 14, 2013, 00:09

why dont u yuppy mugs all moan about the tea rooms and that



Jul 24, 2013, 11:28

nooooooooooooooooooooo sainsburyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssss



Jan 05, 2015, 21:47

We were now in no doubt about what was going on in the uk and being puzzled by the BBCs apparent complete igmorance of Mental Health in the UK we contacted them and there was no reply. We knew hundreds of people there both tech and so called creative and also mngt. We were then told 'dont send any documents here because they will be shredded before anyone can read them, the BBC is obsessed with Universities and its where they recruit from. They are also in love with art and writers and drama, real life is not their scene because the govt would stop their antics if they exposed the situation. We went on the complaints site and the text on there reads like a passge from the bible (no not camerons, the real one). NO REPLY. We then discovered that the Salford based radio studio YOU AND YOURS was telling the public packs of lies which word for word aped the NHS/Charity/Police/ Local Press rings. How many people they have caused to die can be argued but deaths have happened in that area of the uk being Yorks/ Lancs. We then found out that Clegg was in league with them so they have a very useful ally. Also roped in are the usual charities and of course the reigions. We asked CLEGG he got his expertise but just like the rewst of these clwns he has nothing to provide so hes on the stuff that the cabinet office advised us about.. Why dint he say he got the expertise out of his usual packet.

The next anomaly we found was coroners. We lived in the middle class Tory Flagship Borough where the chief execs office told us hes far too busy to discuss life and death issues. We then found his picture in the local corrupt press handing out an award to a so called friend of ours for 'CLEANING A SCHOOL'. We then encountered the councils CRIME EXPERT who was a man with the alarming name - A BUSER. He was hand in hand with the local police and we went to see him. We handed him some alarming evidence and instead of reading it je proceeded to fold it into smaller and smaller squares then hurled into drawer, got up and said i wish you had come round here when there was two of us. He then went to the door and stood by it after opening it, this was behind our backs as we sat. The woman typists face has gone white and she sat staring at the typwriter not moving so we cleared off. This man also told us that remedial work in mental health was not useful and that children who are traumatised are not affected when it comes to learning. This council also told us that scams and cover ups dont mattrer because it all gives work for someone. We met a woman in the street who said - 'DID YOU KNOW THAT THE COUNCIL HAS NOW BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE GOVT BY FORCE AND THE LOCAL PRESS HAVE HUSHED IT UP FOR MONEY' By now our heads felt as if they were going to fall off.
Havinng sat and listened to accounts of what the police were doing to our eventual clients we were furious. We called the police and told them that these people have had no real help except drugs and that they are not hard to turn around in many cases.(not every person but many). The response was as follows - ' COME HERE YOU FB, YOU WONT COME HERE WILL YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW IF YOU DO I WILL F SEECTION YOU YOU FB.' That did it we shot round there, whilst waiting we saw a group of black youths hurling abuse at the man behind the counter. These youths were lashing out at the walls with their fists as they walked past us. This was un verning in the extreme. We asked the police not to shout abuse down the phone and the idiot behind the desk said ' NO SUCH THING HAS HAPPENED' We warned them again and then left.

It came to our notice that descriptions of court issues did not, once again match our experience of courts as by then we had attended quite a few and because of continued police violence had been obliged to take on board bodyguards as protection if we had not done this we would not be alive now. At one case we attended re the torturing of one of the guards by the police we noticed whilst within the court that our solicitor came in and marched past us pushing us out of the way. He then went into the judges quarters. We found ths situatiin horrifying. The said lawyer then aporoached us ans said 'YOU SO AND SOS CAN FOFF AS I HAVE SQUARED WITH THE JUDGE'. We knew what they were trying that is to apply a charge of assisting a defendant to escape bail and court environs. This is dangerous because had we left car loads if police in riot clothes may have killed us. We went to the clerks offiuce and asked if what we had been instructed to do was true. He said it was not.. Later that day we went round the solicitors offices and a woman came down the stairs and asked us who we were. We told her we had come from the court. Suddenly she seemed to go crazy and started yelling to a person who without our knowlege had appeared behind us. She shouted look out they have found out about the courts, get them out of here. She then leapt at us pushing the invalid and me in the chest and we fell over backwards. Both of the dangerous people then went inside and slammed and locked the door. We could hear the woman screaming as they both went upstairs then silence.This is only one instance of many similar including a lunatic chain smoking woman in the local LABOUR PARTY OFFICE.
THERES ANOTHER 1000pp of this implicating around 30 govt depts.courts incl old bailey. councils. health. londomn mayor. police. We are at the moment being attacked by the police who are telling us that the evidence which the BBC advised to hide abroad is of no value to the public. Looads charities also implicated inc MIND. AGE UK. Sainsbury also plan to accomodate a corrupt tory MP within its NEWBURY store. Ministers doing cover ups re deaths incl - Camero. Clegg. Grayson. Brennan. Grove.pickles who set up all the corrupt councils. The police are desperate to stop this disclosure because the coroners have been manipulating the courts. For any victim the uk is deadly. john raynhm facebook or infiniteparty tesco .net or 01329841173 but cant guarantee ansers always because extreme pressures here. A court had offered to kill us thats how big this is.

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