Save the Solstice Sunrise - Army Basing Plan for Larkhill

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Mar 30, 2014, 21:37




Mar 30, 2014, 21:44

This has been a sacred interactive site for countless years...please preserve the culture of the land. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Don't let this happen.



Mar 30, 2014, 22:12

Stonehenge is a world heritage site and as such should be saved from anything that jeopardises it's splendour and wonder and detracts from the alignment of the solstice. No one else is allowed to ruin a world heritage site so neither should the MoD by building homes. It's disgusting that anyone has even thought of doing such a thing.



Mar 30, 2014, 23:25

The Solstice alignment is a sacred part of our heritage. This desecration must not happen.



Mar 31, 2014, 00:23

with regard to the proposed development to Larkhill Barracks. The site intended directly obstructs the Mid Summer Solstice sunrise line of view as observed from Stonehenge. This is a site of such uniqueness that this simply cannot be allowed to happen. Surely there is a compromise that will allow for the stationing of personnel, whilst at the same time honouring our history. Please please reconsider.
Godfrey Lacks
7 B60 3EF



Mar 31, 2014, 09:02

PLEASE find a way to fulfil your need for houses, without destroying this sacred view.
PLEASE remember how long we have been worshipping here.
✿◠‿◠✿x✧★•.¸¸.•*`*•✧♡✧★x♥♪♫☮♥xx★. • *˚✰。.•*˚★. • *˚☽



Mar 31, 2014, 09:03

Stone Henge is a world herritage site how could any responsible organisation consider descirating teh Solstice sight line. That would be tantamount to spray painting the Mona Lisa. There must be other sites that would not be in this sight line that would achieve the same requirement for housing soldiers that does not offend our herritage. I am sure that the army is not stupid or crase and would not want to upset the majority of the population of the UK when they hear about the desire to build in the sight line.



Mar 31, 2014, 09:26

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site, it encompasses more than it's immediate surroundings and relies upon the horizon being visible. It has stood undisturbed since it's origin 9,500 years ago.
To end this by building some cheap tat properties would be a shameful act of vandalism. Do you care? Are you bothered? What legacy would you leave behind for the next few thousand years?
Do not rudely, ignorantly assume anyone concerned for this monument is some beardy hippy druid.



Mar 31, 2014, 10:41

Please could you re assess you construction plans for building new homes in Larkhill - your decision will affect many of natural faith and affecting the alignment in view for hundreds of years to come! I ask you once again, please reassess your construction plans. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Alix Spurway



Mar 31, 2014, 19:54

You cannot build on the horizon of the sunrise at this site. Stonehenge is an ancient site, the fact that is even being considered just goes to show where some peoples' priorities lie. Surely the building objectives can be achieved with out destroying this mid summer alignment.



Mar 31, 2014, 22:54

Please be aware that your proposed work would severely compromise the energetic function.



Apr 01, 2014, 01:37

Stop, no houses surrounding stonehenge to prevent the sunrise. Kind regards, Marthy



Apr 01, 2014, 22:17

Leave the wonder at peace from 21st century technology, its represents history, culture and beautiful mystery.

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