Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?


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Jan 20, 2014, 10:56

Thank you to Chris jones for raising these questions. Personally,I never listen to the organist entertain programmes as the majority of the chosen performers are completely out of touch with the sounds of the modern day organ( and keyboard)instruments, and produce little ,if any,reference or resemblance whatsoever to the music heard and very much enjoyed, by the many enthusiasts who attend the organ and keyboard clubs across the U.K. These competent,visiting organists who entertain at the popular organ clubs,(which are nationwide)are attended by mainly older people. However,the audience does not have its feet set in clay and is eager to embrace many different styles of music and,even better, is actually given the opportunity to do so.

Time to shed your dated image, BBC., and have a rethink about The Organists Entertains" and surprise us all! Who knows, many of our organ supporters may well improve your ratings - given the chance!

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