Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?


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Jan 20, 2014, 16:44

What a dreadful program this is ... quite frankly I'm of the view that it does do more 'harm than good' and I was amongst the early signatories of the petition also.

The program needs a complete overhaul starting with the 'forced retirement' of Nigel ... I think he lacks 'pizzazz' and sadly, he just ain't got it ... and 'pizzazz' is exactly what the program needs together with performers/performances with vivacity if it is to survive ...

There are some extraordinarily talented organist in the world today, a good many of them from the UK, they perform on some equally extraordinary instruments ... it is those artists and these instruments that should feature more prominently on the show.

Having said that, we mustn't forget the 'theatre & classical' instruments ... so, maybe slot on the show for these genres; perhaps a small slot featuring the keyboard as well.

And, 11 pm .... what's that all about? .... It needs to be on much earlier.

The Organist Entertains has never really been much cop for the modern stuff, and theatre wise it's not been the same since Robin Richmond retired ... although it did have a bit of revival (at least I started to tune in again) when 'Rodders' had a spot on the show, but since those days, the program has deteriorated markedly.

All the best from an 'organist entertains' fan .... NOT!

Mike Bracchi

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