Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?

Big Fat Tubby

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Jan 21, 2014, 00:05

I used to listen to TOE every week without fail---but now it,s gone to broadcasting antiquated old junk---then i no longer have any interest in it--and just don,t listen anymore

Bring back the electronics------dump the junk-----and i may listen again----thank goodness someone has stood up and told them what we want to hear---and also tell them what we don,t!!!!-----WELL DONE!!!!!!

Just to add a bit more fuel to the fire---Nigel Ogden is a theatre organ player/enthusiast himself---so he will get great pleasure  out of playing that kind of stuff  (we have all heard him play recordings of himself many times on the show)---Totally Boring i might add-----And YES!!!---i do agree with most----that the show should be brought up to date with more modern keyboards---and given a new keyboardplayer orientated presenter------NOT a theatre organ orientated one----OR------taken off the air altogether

As it is----it do,es nothing to promote the excellent keyboards of today---or their equally talented players---nor do,es it give a chance to the less talented players (like myself---a regular public and home player) to be heard!!!
I support the petition wholeheartedly

Tubby Latham

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