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Jan 07, 2014, 10:16

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Caoimhin Mc.

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2014-02-02 14:52:18

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Sign the dotted line and lets not let them hide behind the shadows anymore. The media and some far right historians have for to long being perpetrating the lie of a Famine. Honour the millions of our people who slowly starved to death because one crop failed and the hundreds of other crops were shipped out under armed guard from one of the most fertile lands on earth. In the 1800's and today Ireland produces 80% more food than the native population needs and exports the surplus " An Gorta Mor" Caoimhin McEochaidh.

Father Ted

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2015-01-09 17:45:35

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 If you are exporting food, there is no famine. to say so is a vile, dirty lie.


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2015-10-24 18:57:00

I think this is a waste of time. The famine is fine. The extremism of looking for a holocaust labe

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2015-10-24 20:00:20


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2015-10-25 20:46:51

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 should be known by its Irish Language version only .the virtual loss of the Irish Language was a big casualty of An Gorta Mor.also please listen and play loud John Lennon's luck of the Irish (ann arbor 1972 live)


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2016-07-27 19:42:10

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 This is utter nonsense. Of course it was a famine!