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Jan 11, 2014, 19:05

its long over due that the murdering English are shown for what they are, when people are shown what the english are they will realise why many irish acted towards england, england is a horrible neighbour i am scots/irish scotland and ierland has had horrific times due to the blood stained hands of the english,i pray this year scotland get's independence


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2014-03-10 18:20:22


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2014-06-01 13:59:44

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wonderful comment, but I would like England to pay market prices for the food they got, might be good for our economy



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2016-02-06 20:38:39

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 I am English Irish.  It been horrible for me.hated in England hated in Ireland. I am more proud of my Irish blood. 


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2017-02-01 09:17:06

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 I couldn't agree more with you.  My heritage is Scottish and Irish and both countries suffered horribly from the brutal treatment they received from the English, about time it was brought to the attention of the world.  Even today, there are still English people who denegrate the Irish people and their descendants.