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Mike McC


Jan 11, 2014, 19:18

Great job in getting the truth out Being 3rd generation Irish living in the US I've always known of the famine. But by reading on this page I have come to learn it really was a genocide that's been covered up by the British for decades
The British never stop amazing me when it comes to oppressing people through the centuries Now I know why my grandmother called their flag the Butchers Apron



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2014-01-12 18:36:40

#8: Mike McC -

Thanks for signing Mike. Please make itgers aware. I think I should point out that it has been ignored by succesive Irish governments as well,,,much to their shame.


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2014-03-05 04:18:10

#8: Mike McC -

British *governments*. Please make the distinction. These governments are not representative of their people. Look at what the U.S. government is doing around the world, and within its own borders, much to the horror of its people.

Agenda 21 ~ who wants that!!?

A Brit, neither proud nor ashamed of it

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2014-05-24 10:54:22

#8: Mike McC -

From a Yank. For heaven's sake have you no sense of irony?


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2014-09-09 19:04:10

#8: Mike McC -  

 read this book....Galway Bay by Mary Pat Kelly


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2015-10-19 17:03:51

#8: Mike McC -  

 Hi Mike, if you havent read Tim Pat Coogans book yet - The Famine Plot, i think you might like, brian.