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Bluffy - the cable car slayer

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Aug 09, 2011, 10:53

I was there this summer for 10 days and there was an article in the local press stating that the intention was to replace the exixting cable car with an 8 seater telecabine. I was clearly under the impression that public investment was being sought for this with private money already on the table. Can someone please verify this in Les Diablerets as there seems some political agenda by the private enterprise to threaten the public sector into coughing up the cash to improve the Iseneau cable car, by threatening to close the existing. No one in their right mind commercially would close the existing cable's a money spinner. It's all bluff..and counter-bluff.



#19 Re: Politics...

2011-08-10 18:15:47

#18: Bluffy - the cable car slayer - Politics...

All cable cars have a finite lifespan and the existing one to Isenau is due to be decommissioned after one more season. After that, investment from both the private enterpise (already on the table) and the public purse will be required to build the replacement cable car.