ROMANIA-NORWAY, jointly for the Bodnariu children

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#1 Shame Norway Authorities

Jan 12, 2016, 18:06

What would be the warranty which Norway is offering, that after childrens are taken from a familly and placed into an other one, that the childrens are not suffering or are not aggressed by the new parents ? A children at such a young age would not even dare in such a situation changes of his life to say a word about a suffering produced by the new familly. Anyhow Norway ! The shame for such an accepted behaviour, aggreed by your authorities is shading anything good I heard there (level of living and so on...) I was planning to visit Norway at least once in this life but I bet I will not loose anything by not coming at all in this life there. If I would be one of the Norway citizens, I would sign this petition too :) Just to wash dirty hand of authorities...




#34 Re: Shame Norway Authorities

2016-01-17 18:35:31

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