Free Hospital Parking

Are you sick of paying for parking at a hospital, where you are forced to go and have to be there when you don’t have a choice? People choose to go too a mall and that is free! People don’t choose too be at a hospital and they have too pay! It’s not fair and it’s not right! Who else had got tickets because their parking has expired? Who else has been in such a rush to get inside of the hospital too see a loved one? I’m sure so many people have got tickets for expiry of parking, being in a rush and forgetting to pay for parking. What they charge for parking at a hospital is redundant and uncalled for !!! It’s $6 for half hour! People who are handicapped and disabled what do parking services expect them to do?! They are handicapped and disabled for a reason! For example : My boyfriend had surgery two weeks, had to pay for parking and it costed me $300 for parking while he was there! He didn’t want to be there! It was the hospital who put him in the situation he was! And of course had too pay for parking when it wasn’t his fault that he was in the hospital to under go ANOTHER surgery that didn’t need too happen! Another perfect example: My mom had emergency surgery too save her life and I’m not worried about paying for parking! I’m more worried about going too see if my mother is ok and to see how she is doing, I’m not worried about taking 5 minutes too put a bunch of change into the machine too pay for parking! My mom got so beyond sick that hey didn’t think she would make it over night and told us too call in our family members! What myself and my sibilings spent on parking for 2 months was absolutely rediculous!!! My mom didn’t want to be in that hospital laying on her death bed! 


Having too pay for parking at a health care facility is absolutely outrageous! Please sign this petition to have our health care (hospitals, clinics, doctors offices) parking covered! You won’t be let down!

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