HBEDMSV Jan/Feb 2018 Examination

We the HBEDMSV class of 2017/2018 wish to express our extreme displeasure with the standard of assessment.

1. Many students were failed for Assignment 3, and requests for review flatly turned down.

2. The examination that was written on 14 February 2018 was not as per guidelines sent by the lecturers in Tutorial Letter HBEDMSV 104/2017 page 10.

At the top of page 10, it states 'Please take note that the contents of Assignment 02 and Assignment 03 are crucially important in your preparation for the examination. If you have mastered the content dealt with in the activities of Assignment 02 and Assignment 03 you MUST pass. Therefore, study the contents of Tutorial Letter 201 (Guidelines on Assignment 02) and the contents of Tutorial Letter 202 (Guidelines on Assignment 03) in conjunction with the aspects of the various topics pointed out here. (Apologies for the mistake in Tutorial Letter 101/2017, paragraph 10, where ‘the research assignment’ is omitted as part of the tutorial matter to study in your preparation for the examination. (The third bullet under the sub-heading ‘the examination paper’ (Tutorial Letter 101/2017, par 10, p.28) must read ‘the essay type and research assignment’).

' Students made an effort to prepare for the examination accordingly, but most of the content in the examination was not from those said tutorial letters. In fact there was nothing from Tutorial letter HBEDMSV/202/0/2017. We seek redress in this matter.

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