Itv Must Revive Stars In Their Eyes In Its Original Mid-Late 1990s Format With The Return Of The Famous Triangular Doors & With Rylan Clark-Neal As The New Host As He Won't Ruin It Like Harry Hill Did

I will never forget the excitement of sitting on the edge of my seat watching the Stars In Their Eyes live grand final result every year when the names of all finalists & the amount of votes were read out live on air & shown on the screen.

In it's 1990s heyday it was the ULTIMATE Saturday night HIT sitting down every week watching five ordinary members of the public from all walks of life walk through those famous triangular smokey doors as they uttered the famous words "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be", & emerged from the mystical smoke transformed into famous global musical icons whom throughout the years included extraordinary transformations into, & impersonations of the likes of Madonna, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Cher, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Jon Bon Jovi, Chris De Burgh & many many more global singing soundalike sensations!

But in 2002 one main feature vanished meaning the show was never the same AGAIN!

The famous triangle doors were replaced with a more modern but cheap & tacky looking set with round doors instead & to my dismay, that RUINED the show because I could & can still NEVER imagine Stars In Their Eyes without those iconic starry TRIANGLE doors!

But a few years later, Matthew Kelly LEFT & with Cat Deeley as the new host, the show was NEVER the same AGAIN due to TWEAKS to the show's FORMAT!

The 2015 REVIVAL with Harry Hill was a complete JOKE as he is not funny one BIT & made it ALL about HIMSELF meaning the contestants were barely on stage singing until they were OFF again & no WONDER it was axed!

To even THINK that Itv even CONTEMPLATED giving the show to Harry Hill is absolutely BEYOND me & ORIGINAL host from 1990-1992, Leslie Crowther would be absolutely turning in his GRAVE at the fact that someone whom THINKS he's funny but isn't, RUINED the comeback of what WAS such a wonderful SHOW!

ANYONE would do better than Harry Hill who RUINED the 2015 revival & I personally believe the RIGHT person to revive it for a SECOND time is none other than the one & only Rylan Clark-Neal as he is an absolute NATURAL & even did very well earlier in 2017 with Itv's new teatime game show BABUSHKA.

Itv MUST really SPEAK to Rylan about presenting Stars In Their Eyes if it WAS to be revived, in the style of it's original mid-late 1990s format, it would be STRONGER, brighter, bigger & BETTER than the 2015 revival EVER was, & I am 100% CONFIDENT that Rylan Clark-Neal would step into the great Matthew Kelly's shoes PERFECTLY!

Harry Hill was NEVER the man for the job as he made it all about HIMSELF!

So Itv, please BRING back Stars In Their Eyes with NEW host Rylan Clark-Neal who will NEVER make the show all about HIMSELF along with the famous TRIANGLE doors & then SOME day we can finally SEE the second CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS that we SHOULD have saw in 2009, 10 years after the FIRST one but didn't because it was axed in 2006.

Stars In Their Eyes could NEVER survive with anyone who makes it all about THEMSELVES!

So PLEASE Itv, WILL you BRING back Stars In Their Eyes to Saturday night PRIME-time tv?

But it MUST be in it's ORIGINAL 1993-1999 format with the famous triangle doors where the presenter & the contestants meet on STAGE if it is to BE a complete SUCCESS better than it WAS in 2015.

I am 100% CONFIDENT that Rylan Clark-Neal would do the job PERFECTLY, but if it DOES get revived with ANOTHER presenter who makes it all about themselves AGAIN, it COULD kill the programme off for GOOD & I & other fans of the show DON'T want THAT to happen, so we, the show's long term fans are GIVING you one last CHANCE to MAKE this show a roaring SUCCESS one last TIME & GIVE the show to RYLAN?


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