The airsoft from 16 years (must revisit the law of Decree No. 99-240 of 24 March 1999)

At the time of today, the world of airsoft is changing rapidly and the number of people practicing this discipline undergoing strong growth. However, this activity considered safe when all precautions are in place is still prohibited to minors.


I find it incredible that these famous' 18s' 'have the right to have 14 years and a motorized vehicle <50cm3, they have the right to pass their examination of hunting allowed from 15 years the right to practice combat sports which may lead to serious sequelae such as boxing or full contact or a similar activity as airsoft paintball allowed from 16 years developing a velocity of about 10 joule average (in airsoft many joules does not exceed 1.9 / 2 in combination knowing this power is rarely allowed in order not to make the game unplayable and avoid maximum injury or significant pain).


These items are intended only to compare the risk of physical activities authorized by the state with those of airsoft, and does not aim to denounce these choices.


All these activities are considered risky activities, and we can not deny the fact that they endanger minors more sustained way the practice of airsoft.


Also on a psychological level, these young people may be accused of a lack of seriousness and maturity: it is obvious that a refusal of compliance and mentality adopted towards the sport by young over 16 years will remain the even when he turns 18. It can be considered fit to practice this activity to 16 years in case he demonstrates sufficient maturity to play. Otherwise, the association reserves the right to separate the player in the same circumstances as a major player.


I therefore make this petition to revisit the law of Decree No. 99-240 of 24 March 1999, I cited:


Article 1/5 '' The offer, sale, sale, free distribution or provision for payment or free of charge, new or used objects having the appearance of a firearm intended to launch projectiles rigid when developing mouth an energy greater than 0.08 joule and up to 2 joule [...] shall be punished with the penalty of a fine for offenses of the 5th class [* penalties *]: 1. the act of selling, distributing free of charge to minors, to make available free of charge or to the products referred to in Article 1 of this Decree '


To allow airsoft minors from the time when these criteria are met:


-Have A minimum of 16 years to be part of an airsoft association and be in possession of a replica <2 joules


-Have The permission of their parents or legal guardians through landfills or other official documents


-be Accompanied by major part of this activity



-In Case of necessity and in case the desired associations, training on safety rules and attitudes have on the field can be set up by the association may accept the minor to his team.



It is also necessary to note that in French law, all that is is NOT AUTHORIZED, which therefore means that the sale between a professional and a minor, or the provision for free and Honer is punishable by law, however the law does not prohibit the possession and use in private replicas, which means that it is not forbidden and therefore AUTHORIZED (a minor may very well get a replica by his father for free, this exchange is not prohibited by law because it comes out of the economic context and enters a family and privately that the law can not reach).


If the associations agreed to recceuillir minors, frame them and give them a chance, games '' wild '' would suffer a decrease, cause a drop in accidents and non-compliance. Associations DISCLAIM minors, and then pleignent of their lack of maturity: When you are not trained can not know, so thank you to all associations that exclude minors for their share of the risks they face while it's trying to hide behind a law that is more than circumvented and does not take into account this aspect of airsoft.

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