Limitations laundry room

We would like to protest the limitations of the laundry service imposed by SSSB in Lappis.

We are concern about our living standards and decency, and these limitations are having a negative effect on them. Lappis environment is already suffering from problems regarding cleaning, malfunction of facilities, poor heating and some other well-known problems that we, tenants, live with.

First of all, we consider that 4 slots a month is very limited, especially for people who make sports, work or do special activities. Also, it doesnt take in account any unexpected situation where a laundry is needed, such a job interview, a trip or a funeral.

Also, this limitation does not solve the problem we are facing in Lappis. A lot of people were booking the system and not showing up. This problem could persist even with the limitations.

1. To increase the limit to at least 6 spots a month.

2. To establish a system for punishing people who do not use rightly the laundry system. Our suggestion is that if someone misses 2 bookings in a row or 3 non-consecutive bookings, he/she should be banned from the laundry room for a week.

3. To allow to book more than 1 slot a time. It would make possible to organize laundry once every 2 weeks (instead once a week) and machines would be fully filled and therefore it would be more environmental friendly.