Medical Alert System Scam Prevention

Medical alert systems have been incredibly useful in keeping our loved ones safe and secure and making sure that first aid will immediately come in case of any accident or injuries. Nevertheless, medical alert systems have also been used by scam artists to exploit the vulnerability of the seniors in order to get money. Now this has been posing a great threat to the security of our loved ones especially considering how scam artists have become smarter and more creative in preying the older folks.


But as they say, there is a solution in every problem. And in this case, you can take measures to prevent any form of fraud and protect your loved ones against those with evil intentions. Let's check out some medical alert system scam prevention tips below.

1.    Do Not Trust Any Person or Company Offering Free Medical Alert System

Truth be told, medical alert systems come with a price. Nevertheless, it is a very reasonable price ensuring the safety of your loved ones. For example, Life Alert price usually ranges from $25-$35 monthly subscription. So if you have come across any free medical alert system schemes, then do not automatically trust the person or company offering the same. This "free medical alert system" is actually the most popular scheme to catch the interest of their victims. Although there are medical alert system companies that offer free gifts, this usually comes with a prior purchase. Anything offered for free is definitely a scam.

2. Do Not Give Out Your Bank Account to Strangers

Another important way to prevent scam prevention is to be wary of giving out your bank accounts to strangers. A lot of scam artists would present themselves over the phone informing you that you are a recipient of a free medical alert system, but will ask for your social security number and bank account for the shipping fee or any added cost. Don't fall to this trap! Hang up the phone immediately. If you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, then purchasing a medical alert system from a legitimate company is your best option. Do not trust those that present themselves over the phone or through malicious ads. You can check this one out on or other authorized medical alert system providers.

3. Too Good to be True?

Those who have recently encountered injuries or any shock treatment are the usual victims of medical alert system scams. The reason is that these people are very vulnerable because of their recent accidents and injuries and would take any form of protection offered to them. And what's even more alarming is that they offer cash prizes, free gift cards, free tickets for travel abroad or any other sweet deal. Again, don't fall to this kind of scheme.

As already mentioned, if you want to have a medical alert system installed in your home, you should read reviews and check out legitimate medical alert system providers. This will make sure that you won't fall victims to any form of fraud against those who only want to take your money in exchange of nothing.

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