My babies are innocent

My dogs are at the pound because they escaped from our back yard. Apparently one my dogs attacked another dog and the owner "seen" it. They were up until today considered dangerous and vicious. The people said they seen my dogs do it at 2am Sunday morning but they don't know which one of them did it, all they seen was the dogs running away. The owners dad, even told the judge that he didn't see which one it was and that all he seen was them run off but he told them that he knew it was our dogs for sure... The guy from the dog pound said that only one dog had blood on them and that was Rosco.
They're putting them to sleep tomorrow morning.. Since they were together when it happened, they all got charged for it. So I set out to troll this girls Facebook, to see if and what she had posted about the incident prior to today. First she stated that her dog was dying but yet didn't take her to the vet until yesterday 3 days after the fact! (Well the dog didn't die.) Second she then posted that after taking the dog to the vet that her dog had a puncture wound in two places and stated that all the dog needed was a few staples and need to wear a plastic color; so she wouldn't pull the staples out. So all three of my dogs have to die because her dog got a few staples. They have no physical proof that my dogs did this by the way, it's all hearsay. I get that my dogs broke out and supposedly went to their property but don't sex offenders and murders do the same thing?? And all they get is a few years to possibly life with eligibility of parole??? I do NOT feel that Justice was served; better yet I feel we got screwed! The Justice system here is jacked up!!! 

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