Nevaeh Needs Our Help

image16.jpegimage17.jpegimage18.jpegimage19.jpegimage20.jpegimage23.jpegOur children go through hell under the child protection system. Young children are taken away from their mothers to be put in an environment where rape, violence and rejection are all prevalent. 

Can you imagine your child being taken from you and living helplessly in fear all throughout their childhood?

Our childhood is the best days of our lives and destroying that precious time and ruining their futures because of the system is unforgivable!

This petition is to help Nevaeh a beautiful young 3 year old girl from Northern Ireland, who never fails to put a smile on your face. 

Nevaeh is a special case, she suffers from austism, sensory processing disorders, epilepsy, an enlarged heart and a dairy and soy intolerance. 

Recently she was put into foster care and her conditions were neglected and ended up needed medical help!

How can any child of ours have to be put through this neglection?

How is this fair on someone so young and innocent?

This is the story of Nevaeh a sweet innocent little child and her mother:

"I never thought I would end up in this situation I am in now

Here is our story...

As a child I was in and out of foster care from 1997-2005. Foster care was the worst experience of my life! In 2005 I was sexually abused by my foster father. For 9 weeks. He is meant to be a fatherly figure who was there to look after me but instead gave me unforgivable pain. The social worker I told rejected my cries for help and from then my life started its downward spiral. At 13 I started heavily drinking and self harm to drown away my pain.

At 18 I gave up on life and tried to end everything over and over again. 

At 21 I fell pregnant and my whole life changed. I stopped everything and began to dedicate my life to this child to be. My baby saved me and I can only thank God for blessing me with her.

Nevaeh and I haven't lived a perfect life, but she's always been my number one priority. I would do anything for her just like every other mother out there.

I spend every second with Nevaeh to make sure she gets the attention she needs, to feel loved and nurtured.

Recently social services took her away from me after I have been working with them for several years and our lives together have mostly been in the upwards direction. With just a few hiccups along the way, after I was also diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Nevaeh was taken to a foster home and her illnesses were rejected and she was not looked after properly. She ended up needing medical attention after just few days.

Foster care is not right for my daughter, I can't let her go through all the pain I went through. It's not right for any child, I would never wish this upon anyone and can't see how this is deemed as right especially for someone who needs so much attention.

Taking a child away from her mother is bad enough but adding the mistreatment takes it to all new levels.

All I'm asking for is your help, please don't let Nevaeh my beautiful, amazing daughter go through the agonising pain I was put through".

With your help we can give this little girl and her mother not only support but for their story to be listened to and to all the other families and children who have not been heard and not given the correct help.

This is for all of us.

This is for Nevaeh. A very special little girl.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hopefully you can help as much as possible with just a signature to make sure this little girl can have the life she deserves!



Belfast, Northern Ireland


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