No More Boarding Houses for Frederick Street. Objection to Development Proposal DA-2017 / 405 at 194 Frederick Street Rockdale


Objection to DA 2017 / 405 at 194 Frederick Street Rockdale

No More Boarding Houses in Frederick Street Community Petition  


Our family orientated and peaceful community deserves enjoyment of our homes, gardens and streets without the intrusion of being overlooked by a large boarding house and suffering the related social, parking and policing problems that the boarding house at 194 Frederick Street has historically caused in the local area. We as a community should be considered when making determinations about proposed developments that will impact of our daily lives so significantly. 

A development application has been lodged with Bayside Council for a first floor addition to the existing boarding house located at 194 Frederick Street, Rockdale. The proposed 14 bedroom design has large bedroom windows, stairwells and verandahs which overlook the Bexley Public Primary School Playground, Albyn Cottage Kindergarten playground, neighbouring properties and the entire street due to the elevation of the property.   

We strongly object to the application on the following grounds;  


1. Detrimental to the Character of the Neighbourhood.

The proposed development is inconsistent with the objectives and requirements of the ‘low density’ R2 zoning of the subject site and surrounds. It will have a detrimental impact on the character of the neighbourhood. It is not in keeping with other uses of buildings in the street which are overwhelmingly single occupancy dwellings. It is out of scale with surrounding properties and will severely impact of the privacy and amenity of surrounding properties and the wider community.

2. Worsening of Social and Policing Problems

The property has a long history of being managed poorly and has caused significant social and policing problems for it's neighbours and residents on a regular basis. In the past we have had issues with a convicted pedophile approaching children, break ins, drunken behaviour, illicit drug use in full view of residents on the street, harassment, trespassing, vandalism and other criminal and disruptive behaviours from residents of the boarding house. Any expansion of the boarding house will have significant detrimental social effects on the community. Any expansion of the premises will inevitably lead to more issues for the community.

3. Severe Shortage of Street Parking and Traffic Safety Issues 

There is not enough available street parking in the area and 3 parking bays is not sufficient for a 14 room boarding house. Tandem parking will cause significant noise disruption to the elderly residents next door and will contribute further to existing traffic hazards at a very busy intersection, as people swap cars reversing and stopping in Frederick Street, to move in and out of the bays. Bexley Public School has no pick up/ drop off areas and relies heavily on street parking availability. School buses are forced to use public bus stops immediately outside the proposed development. Parents pick up and drop off their children immediately outside the property. Residents of Frederick Street rely on street parking. Such a dramatic increase in residents with inadequate parking will significantly affect traffic and car noise and potentially increase street racing and speeding in a school zone. Alarmingly, I have personally witnessed street racing on the wrong side of the road during school zone times. There is already a severe parking shortage problem on Frederick Street and the expansion of the boarding house will exacerbate the problem even further. The proposed development is a serious traffic safety concern.

4. Impact on Existing Use of Bexley Public School and Albyn Cottage Kindergarten

The proposed expansion will impede on the use of Bexley Public school and Albyn Cottage Kindergarten. The proposed first floor addition will directly overshadow and overlook the playground areas of both schools. The proposed covered barbeque and entertainment area will directly back onto Bexley Public School’s playground with no setback. There is nothing planned to reduce the risk of interactions between residents of the boarding house and primary school children.  The proposed expansion poses a safety and privacy concern for unsupervised children, preventing the school from using the playground in the manner it is now.

5. Proximity and Negative Impact on a Listed Heritage Item

A heritage item impact statement has not been provided in the application. The proposed development will be highly visible from Bexley Public School, which is a listed heritage item. Vegetation can be removed or die off, it should not be considered an appropriate buffer between a heritage item and the proposed development. The addition of a first floor will overshadow the school yard. The scale of the building will then be visually and physically intrusive and overbearing on Bexley Public School and it will obstruct the views from the classrooms over the district.  

6. Assessment for Heritage Significance of 194 Frederick Street

The Victorian style home situated at 194 Frederick Street is worthy of consideration for heritage significance. Many of the area’s historically significant properties have been lost in recent years and there are few Victorian examples remaining. The proposed development will fundamentally change the character of the building. 


We encourage residents, owners and parents to write a detailed objection outlining their specific concerns and lodge it directly with council before August the 9th. Objections should be addressed to: 


Marta Gonzalez- Valdes, Manager Development Application Services at Bayside Council and directed: 


By Email:


By Mail:

The Manager of Development Application Services
Rockdale City Council
PO Box 21
NSW 2216


Objections must clearly state the development application number DA- 2017/ 405 and address any concerns concisely and focus on planning related issues such as mentioned above.

The application details can be viewed by visiting





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