Deutsch: Für die Ausrufung eines Internationalen Tages des Aphorismus
עברית: פנייה אל הוועד הפולני לענייני אונסקו בדבר קביעת יום המכתם העולמי
Italiano: per lʼistituzione della Giornata Mondiale dellʼAforisma
日本語 (にほんご/にっぽんご): 「世界アフォリズムの日」制定に関して
Polski: Światowy Dzień Aforyzmu
русский язык: За установление Мирового Дня Афоризма
српски језик: Osnivanje Svjetskog dana aforizma

On celebrating the World Day of Aphorism

On celebrating the World Day of Aphorism


On 7 May, 2016, fifty years have passed since the death of one of the most famous aphorists of the 20th century, Stanisław Jerzy Lec, the author of the widely known “Unkempt Thoughts”. In our opinion, it is an excellent occasion for Poland - Lec’s motherland – to suggest creating a World Aphorism Day. As one of the oldest, most noble and, at the same time, the most difficult literary genre, aphorism deserves celebration.

Therefore, we ask Polish National Commission for UNESCO to apply for a World Day of Aphorism. We suggest that this day be celebrated on 6 March to commemorate Stanisław Jerzy Lec’s birthday.   

On behalf of the Polish aphorists, Krzysztof Bilica (Warsaw) and Andrzej Majewski (Wroclaw).  

All the aphorists in the world are earnestly asked to support our petition.  

For aphorisms very often contain a ludic element, we propose a game inspired by the following aphorism:  
Man sees good looks in a woman, woman wisdom in a man. And which of them is wiser?

If the majority of signatures under the petition will be women’s - they are the winners. If, however, more men will sign it, the victory will be theirs!


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