Pigs should not have to cool down in urine and feces!

"Domestic pigs and wild boars have almost no sweat glands and is therefore completely dependent on being able to cool down in water or mud when it's hot. The mud forms a protective layer that cools the skin until dry". (Djurens Rätt, 2014 , p.8 )

"Sometimes pigs are dirty and located in the slatted part of the box, where it is meant that they will carry out their needs. It may be because they are too hot and then cools themselves by covering the body with their own manure. In nature they would instead bath in water or cover the body with mud. Pigs normally avoid to lie in their own feces, but in the choice between heat stress and manure they choose the manure". ( Ibid., 2014 , p.33)

(Translated version)

Sign in if you also require measures against the animal cruelty! No animal should be forced to bath in their own feces to cool down!


Source: Djurens Rätt (2014), Böka på betong- om grisarna i köttindustrin. ISBN 978-91-88786-95-1. Electronic resource: http://www.djurensratt.se/sites/default/files/bokapabetong.pdf

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Photo: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

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