Pine Lodge repair damaged to staff

Pine Lodge owners and staff has a tendency to make accusations which are false. 

The owner accused me of cutting myself / self mutalating at work which was a lie. He even claimed to have an eye witness. I found out who the eye witness is and the so called evidence they are using to say I was cutting at work was completely circumstantial as they claimed to have found blood on the bathroom floor twice and accirding to them the marketing lady saw me coming out of the bathroom both times. He claims it can only be me because I have old scars on my arms. 

My doctor looked at the scars and confirmed that they are at least a few months old from long before I was working there. 

I than had a seizure at work and ended up in hospital, this time he accused me of overdosing at work, I was on the wrong medication for my condition and the side effects has been building up as well as the medication didnt get properly absorbed by my body. 

I woke up in hospital with 7 stiches on my forehead and no idea how I got in hospital or why or how I got the stitches. I was in a ward where people were caughing and sneezing so I checked myself out as I didn't want to catch anything. 

The hospital said to go back on my medication which I did and a few days later the side effects started again, the owner of the conpany than called me into a meeting and accused me of overdosing again and said I am been fired. So he said I can either try to fight him in which case I will lose claiming to have evidence and statements from staff. Or I can take my pay and leave now.

Feeling intimidated and tgreatened I took my pay and left. 

I feel people like him should be forced to pay damages to staff with illnesses as I did declare to him that I am bipolar and under medical care. 

Since I declared it to him the whole office found out and they started to taunt me daily knowing that taunting a person with bipolar will cause more distress and reactions. 

I got accused even of things I can't remember doing. And due to tge distress and added presure he put on me after declaring my illness to him I am now struggling more than before. 


Since when has having a mental illness become a crime.

Since when has bipolar become a crime and a reason to declare you unfit to work. 


Help me to demand for him to pay damages...

Let us demand he fire his marketing lady for her false testinony.

Let us demand he fires all other staff who used my illness to taunt me to react so he can have a reason to fire me. 


Let us stand together against corrupt enployers, let us stand together and fight for the rights of people with mental illnesses. 

Let the world see that we will not be quiet, they will no longer walk over us or use people with mental illnesses as scapegoats.

Pay the damages, loss of uncome and income untill people with nental illnesses find other work. 


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