Questionnaire about Energy Pact 2050: ethical and democratic deficit

To the attention to the Belgian Federal and Regional Ministers in charge of the Energy


Dear Ladies and Sirs,


Thank you for the questionnaire:

However we would like to make some observations and ask a few questions.

- The questionnaire that you put on line as from the 17th of October 2017 can only be completed online. Therefore it is not aimed to the entire population and we deplore this.
This is unfair. You do not take into account those who do not have a computer or cannot use any or those who can only use it a few, even very little for several reasons, health or other reasons, as the electrohypersensitive persons for example.

- The end date is the 5th of November 2017. This questionnaire was therefore available less than 3 weeks. We think that 4 weeks is a minimum.

- How can you be sure that one person does not complete the questionnaire several times using for example all his personal mail addresses and that this person lives well in Belgium ? Without requesting the full address and the name of the persons you are not able to be sure of this. Therefore anybody can complete several times this questionnaire and there is also the fake mail addresses possibility. So your results, your statistics will not be correct.

- Furthermore at the end of the questionnaire when we send the responds, you do not ask to confirm it via our mail box. So anybody else can use a mail address whithout being the owner of it to answer and the owner of it do not know about it automatically. Once again, your results, your statistics will be incorrect.

We do not live in a Care Bears's world.

The method used from the 17th of October to the 5th of November 2017 is neither ethical nor democratic. Under these conditions, the results that will come out will not be accurate.

We therefore ask you:

- to add a questionnaire in a PDF format and a printable format. Here under you will find an example of a printable format and a PDF format document from the eco-consumption network website:

- to give a phone number (ideally free) to be able to order a paper version (including ideally a prepaid envelope) and a postal address mentioned on your website and to communicate these information through the press, radio and if necessary television.

- to leave the questionnaire open for a minimum of 4 weeks. We therefore ask you to extend the period.

- to cross-check every answer to make sure to take into account only one reply (online or postal reply) .

- concerning online answers only accept those that have been confirmed by the mail box of the sender living in Belgium.

Due to all our requests we would like you to define a new period open to the public from say the 1st of December to the 31st of December 2017.


We thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The signatories of this petition.


P.S.: this letter is sent to you because we are over the 7th of November and you do not have specifically reply to the questions sent by Aline Quertinmont this 26th of October 2017. Yet our demands are, according to us, urgent and important in a democracy such as Belgium, heart of Europe.


Petition/letter to the attention to:

Sir Bart Tommelein, Minister of Energy for Flemish Region;

Madam Marie Christine Marghem, Federal Minister of Energy;

Madam Cécile Fremault, Minister of Energy for Brussels Region;

and Sir Jean-Luc Crucke, Minister of Energy for Walloon Region.