Formal Letter of Complaint to SAE Institute.

This petition accompanies an official letter of complaint to SAE Institute demanding the reinstatement of 24-hour access to Bankstock studios at SAE London campus. 

The letter reads:


For the SAE Institute London Administration and Coordination,

We, the students of SAE London, are, through this letter, demanding the immediate reinstatement of 24-hour access to the studios at Bankstock.

The reduction of available hours by more than 60% has created a situation where projects have to complete in a rushed manner, not conducive to the quality of production required for assessments. The standard of maintenance of the equipment available is also decreasing, leaving a situation where most of the microphone stands are broken or faulty, and most if not all consoles present some sort of malfunction. The systems are outdated, with most studios still running version 9 of Pro Tools and old versions of MacOS.

It is a clear misrepresentation of the reality that is, paying handsomely to study at your facilities. All students were promised (and are still being promised) by marketing staff, academic staff, prospectus and information on the website that the equipment at bankstock is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When in reality, this is not the case.

The recent cutbacks made have also lead to members of staff becoming more scarcely available and somewhat disenchanted. Students have found themselves in lectures unable to continue with lessons due to problems with equipment and no trained supervisors on hand to assist with troubleshooting problems. Students also feel SAE has misrepresented itself in regards to quality of content. While SAE London has in many excellent facilities a number of modules have been poorly presented including content missing completely. The Moodle system is grossly outdated, slow, confusing and badly managed as a platform, where we are required to get all handouts and material needed for course material. Information contained in the system is, almost invariably, outdated or inaccurate. For the reasons stated above, the student body demands immediate solutions for the critical issues which affect the quality of the education provided at SAE London.

• Reinstate 24/7 Bankstock Studio access

• Reinstate appropriate Bankstock staffing, and train those employed to troubleshoot across all disciplines of media.

• Advertised contact hours per week given to all students. • Compensation for poorly delivered modules and/or exercised leniency (where applicable) for grades concerned with said modules.

• Compensation for the unavailable hours in Bankstock in this trimester

• Moodle update or overhaul, up-to-date learning material across all accessible platforms.


Timothy Magee, Humberto Acquaviva    Contact the author of the petition


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