Remove the Halo from Formula One cars

The FIA have decided that the Halo frontal protection device will be fitted to all Formula One racing cars in the 2018 season.

This petition is opposed to this idea for a number of reasons.

1. Safety: While this is being installed as an apparent safety measure, it would have made no difference to the outcome of the most serious incidents. It would not have prevented the death of Jules Bianchi due to the nature of the accident. Adding another component to a car increases the risk on injury in the event of severe and immediate stresses being put on it. It would also have made no difference in the Felipe MAssa 'spring' incident, as the chances of a small piece of debris hitting the halo are even smaller than a small piece of debris hitting the driver, rendering the halo useless. Also, there is another concern over drivers quickly getting out of the car in the event of an accident. The idea for a halo came about after the terrible passing of Jules Bianchi after he hit a crane, but cranes are now fitted with skirt to prevent cars going underneath them, so why is there a need for a halo?

2. The drivers: They have all expressed displeasure at the halo system, indeed all but one team voted AGAINST it's use. It impedes driver visibility which is anti the safety aspect of the halo's implementation. Other drivers have complained at feeling restricted and confined within the cockpit.

3. The fans: Most motorosport fans know what hey like. Those who like Formula One do so because of the "open cockpit, open wheels" thrill of the sport. As it is the fans who pay their money to go races and public events, surely their voice counts, as without the fans there is no sport (and I"m sure the drivers would all agress). Watching a formula 1 car hurtling around a track with this monstrosity stuck to the front issn't goign to look the same, and is going to detract from the spectacle from the fans point of view.

4. The openness of the sport: Thie fact that the FIA put it to a vote amongst teams and drivers and then ignored the outcome of it, and the fact that they have not considered the wishes of F1's loyal supporters shows a complete disregard for anyone else's opinions, and is a further lean to the "pull the ladder up Jack and sod the rest" attitude that has been niggling at F1 for years. The FIA displays a constant lean towards Ferrari (the halo was designed by Jean Todt, of Ferrari), and while Ferrari are a fantastic organisation and a massive team in the history of motorsport, the FIA can be seen to be pandering to their every whim and opinion (take the Hamilton-Vettel incident in Baku, for instance).

While safety is paramount, and NOBODY wants to see injuries and deaths in the sports, we feel that the implementation of the halo device will cause more problems than it solves, takes away from the basic raw appeal of open cokpit racing, takes away the aesthetic appeal of the sport, and offers a luke warm "oh it's for safety" smokescreen behind which the powers that be can hide.

No halo, please. What's next, crash helmets for everyone in the grandstands??

Thank you.

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