“All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with this Constitution.”

Article 1 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda


Fellow Ugandans,

On September 30th 2005, seven years ago, the 7th Parliament voted to amend the Constitution of Uganda to remove presidential term limits. This was done without the citizens’ mandate nor was due regard given to the aspirations of Ugandans who had demanded presidential term limits to be entrenched in  the 1995 Constitution because of our history of dictatorial leadership and violent transfer of power.

Today’s despicable state of the economy, poor quality health and education services, corruption with impunity, massive levels of unemployment and increasing response to citizen’s demands with repressive legislations can be traced to the regrettable action of lifting presidential term limits.

The Theft and loot that has turned our taxes into pocket change for a few Ugandans while thousands die to Malaria and preventable diseases is unacceptable. Our Youth have no jobs because we would rather squander money than invest in in programmes that will create opportunities for all. In the absence of an Accountability mechanism,Ugandans have been reduced to by standers in a theatrical of theft,impunity and social injustice.

We are tired of wars and the fear of wars because of violent over throws in our country. Unless we have a system that guarantees PEACEFUL exit of leaders,Uganda will be thrust into the doldrums of war and insecurity again. From the numbers of army men that have invaded our streets and turned city square into a barracks,the worst is not far from us.

Term Limits give us the Right to Say ENOUGH to the madness that Corruption,theft and Greed have become.

Term Limits guarantee PEACEFUL transfer of power

Term Limits give a GENERATION of Ugandans an opportunity to be free from war and the horror of witnessing it.

Term Limits will return ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE as spelt out in the opening lines of the 1995 Constitution.


That is why as Uganda commemorates 50 years of independence and also marks seven years since the lifting of Presidential term limits, it is our duty as citizens to demand of the 9th Parliament to take action and secure a better future by restoring presidential term limits.

This single action would in effect restore parliamentary authority as representatives of the people, remove impunity and make the government of Uganda  more accountable of all its actions especially for the provisions social services. It would also restore predictability and stability to our politics to ensure we have systems for peaceful transfer of power in Uganda.


We the undersigned citizens of Uganda strongly demand that the 9th Parliament reinstates presidential term limits and call Upon all Ugandans to do the same for the sake of Our Country,Our Children and Our Future.


This petition will be shared with members of the 9th Parliament as a demand from Citizens of Uganda .

Please include your name and district of origin when you sign.

Your data will be kept confidential save for your name and district details.

Please pass this on to atleast 10 Ugandans and implore them to sign the petition.

When we hit 5000 signatures,we will challenge parliament to revoke the lifting of term limits. Your signature is your Voice for Uganda's future.

Do not let the country down.


Please sign,please share.

For GOD and Our Country.

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