SSSN against derby council tax

sssn charity gives away nearly 400 holidays a year to termly ill children and disabled children along with thier family's

this has only been possible due to Michael Ryan and his unstoppable team.

Micheal has three shops in Derby which raise funds for this charity and allow the ground rent maintenence and holidays to go ahead.

charity events organised by Mr Ryan add to this

derby council have now said there is an outstanding council tax bill due to non registration of the charity.(complex red tape)

SSSN cannot meet the change to the council tax and unless an exemption is back in place Mr Ryan faces an extortionate bill that if unpaid could lead to prison for will also mean the end of SSSN as the shops will be forced to shut down which means the ground rent for the caravans will not be paid and Mr Ryan will no longer be able to give away any more holidays

please suport our cause and sign this petition 


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