Stop illegal parking at schools in and around Aberystwyth

We are being faced with a serious problem that is putting our children in danger around our schools.

outside our school there are double yellow lines, some schools have zig zags and some have bus bays, unfortunately people are using these places to park just so they can access a school more easily and not have to walk.

along with this people are parking illegally in disabled bays meaning those who have difficulties are even more restricted

schools are often just limited to send a letter home with the children politely asking parents not to park there but unfortunately not enough take notice and continue to park illegally outside schools endangering pedestrians and our children going to and from school.


we understand that parking can be difficult and there are circumstances that arise when rules are needed to bend slightly, however those are exceptional circumstances and rules are there for a reason, a very important reason , the safety of our children.

In some cases free parking is being provided for parents on council car parks next to schools before school starts and finishes but to some this is not enough and the need to park directly outside is stronger.

we need to join forces to make those who can change things listen to us, we need to join together to get things changed and make our schools as safe as possible, we need solutions and compromise and even possible changes to help parents that are in a rush but to enable it to be done safely and legally.

this petition is just one way of collecting voices, please sign and support us to get more enforcement officers to police outside our schools, give tickets,to those who continually park illegally not just tell them to move on and to share this responsibility once more with the police to share the load, responsibility and increase the people we can call upon when we have problems for support and assistance. As stated in a previous newspaper article traffic wardens stopped coming because of abuse they were getting from parents, they shouldn't be faced with abuse but it shouldn't be used as an excuse to not enforce the law.. Tickets should be given enough chances have been given. Until we can get this changed the law should be enforced. The laws are there because safety officers have deemed it unsafe to park and stop there!!! Until changed or reconfiguration can be made (if it is possible) there is no justification, it's wrong plain and simple. 

Along with gathering photographic evidence to support our complaint please sign this petition to get ourselves heard. We want to get as many signatures as possible to turn over with our other evidence to the relevant departments within the council along with backing from external sources.

Our children are being put in danger because of illegal parking at our schools and we need to join together to create a louder voice to demand to be heard.

To add to this petition we are trying to gather evidence please post pictures at:

The Facebook page isn't to victimise its to show how dangerous things are getting, changes need to be made before something serious happens, we deserve answers from our councils as to why we are ignored and our questions not answered. It's time we stopped standing for being fobbed off and the safety of our children being put first. 

We have a responsibility as parents and drivers to stay safe and protect pedestrians in and around our streets and schools. There are double yellow lines and zig zags there for a reason and people are breaking the law day after day with no respect or regard for our and our children's safety just so they have to walk a shorter distance.


To add to this disabled spaces are being abused which is another thing that needs to be stopped.


sign this petition to get changes made and more traffic wardens to police this. At the moment the powers to give tickets have been taken from police but the traffic enforcements say they don't have the staff to police the areas, if this is the case give the powers back to the police to give the tickets.


Plus it is no use the traffic wardens just telling people to move, tickets need to be issued to stop them parking there again, being told to move won't stop them tomorrow !!!!


**further to this I have been researching other solutions that have been tried and tested for problems such as these with varied success, with many who have almost eliminated the problem. We hope to approach and convince the council who also have an obligation to our children as well as ourselves to offer this scheme to schools who require it. If it helps keep our children safe, our hard work and determination is worth the effort**


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