Taking Religious status away from the cult of Islam!

Fellow Cdns.  It has come to my attention that Islam keeps getting special accommodations made for them, saying they are violations of their religion.  We all see their religion is a cult and should be deemed as such.  My reason for doing this is because the crime rate is going up and the research that I have done, doesnt look good.  Our laws are being changed to suit them, which puts us in a very dangerous place.  

Cdas. Firearm licensing has changed....you now require photo ID.  But for Muslim women, they are able to bring in a witness with them, have the witness state that they cannot remove their veil because of their religion....and voila they dont have to have picture ID.  Would anybody else be allowed to bypass the photo ID?  The Peel School District has allowed prayers in the school for the Muslims, whereas we are not given the same accommodation.  

We are being taken advantage of, by the Globalists and the elites, as this is the last push for the NWO, and one rule of law.  We cannot let our Country continue to be invaded, and fall and be taken over by the Globalists, and Islam as they seem to be going hand in hand.

We must all start using our common sense, and rise up against the evil of islam. Cdns. must unite.   Please join me in stripping the religious status from them.  

Thank you.




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