The Different Mosquito-Borne Diseases

By just simply hearing the word ZIka, it can already send chills to pregnant women because its effects are in the development of their babies' brains. This is why this sickness dreaded by women around the world. Who would want a child with a small brain? A woman always wants the best for her child so the best thing for her to do is to stop mosquitos from breeding.

Just the sound of it being present in a place causes panic. Imagine the scary headlines about babies with small brains or damaged brains. Because of the news about the existence of Zika mosquito in a location, all the travel plans going to that location are automatically canceled. People and delaying their plans to be pregnant, and those who already are, avoid getting outdoors completely. This virus is considered to be a global health threat by the United Nations.


Are these fears rational? Are mosquitoes really dangerous? The following are some known facts about the Zika virus as well as the types of mosquitos who spread it.


Mosquitoes are considered to be the deadliest creature on Earth. They are responsible for the deaths of a multitude of people than all of the wars combined. They are carriers of diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, West Nile, eastern equine encephalitis, and Zika. These are all caused by the bites of the mosquitoes. Of these diseases, it is malaria that causes deaths every 60 seconds. The same goes with yellow fever and West Nile. The eastern equine encephalitis is considered the most deadly mosquito-borne virus in the United States.


There are varieties of mosquitoes that carry these stated diseases. The Aedes mosquito carries Zika as well as Chikungunya, West Nile, and Dengue. It is the Anopheles mosquito that carries Malaria. But the Anopheles mosquitoes can only carry Malaria in tropical climates. This is why it is important to trap mosquitos so that they will not be able to populate anymore.


The prevention of mosquito bites is the best action. Preventing mosquitoes from breeding should be the first priority for all people who do not want mosquito bites. Eliminate all mosquito breeding grounds and opportunities to protect yourself and your family. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. It does not need to be much. Just a tablespoon will already do. But standing water is the only way they could multiply. The first step to avoid any mosquito-borne disease is to not have standing water anywhere near your property.


Use a safe repellent that you can apply to your body when you are going to be around mosquitoes. If you are fearful of mosquitoes because of Zika Virus and other diseases, you should be fearful of dangerous chemical repellents that can poison you and your body. Use a safe, natural repellent instead. Preventing breeding ground is the best action to take. Protecting yourself from mosquito bites is the second step. Following these two basic steps, you will reduce enormously the possibility of mosquitos’ bites that protects you from getting the Zika Virus.


You can use Dynatrap mosquito device if you want to be safe from contracting the mosquito-borne diseases. You can read more about it here.

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