Transfer Tabitha Ritchie Home To Canada

Hello Family, Friends, Family and Friends of Friends and Governement Officials,

Governement Officials:

Thank You for your time and consideration in my application to transfer my sentence from Colombia to Canada.

This petition is a list of individuals who support my application and want to see me return home to my two sons and family to complete my remaining time. In addition it gives you a picture of those I have had an impact on and have connections with, thus ties to Canada. 


I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you for your time, support and help during my endevour to return home to Canada to complete my sentence.


By signing this petition you are supporting me (Tabitha Ritchie) in a very concrete way. Taking the time to show the governement officials (CRC, Defense and Public Safety Departments) that you support my application to transfer my remaining time of my sentence to Canada, so that I may be with my two sons and family. That I have signifcant ties to Canada and deserve to have the opportunity to return home to Canada to be with those who care and love me, support and need me!! Specifically, my two sons!!

Although, when this all began I did not Traffic the Drugs willingly: I recognize my mistakes and severe errors in judgement that led me to be in the position of being arrested with the drugs. Thus I have accepted my consequences and will complete my time. However, I want and need to complete my consequences (my time) in my home country, in my home with my two sons and family to rehabilitate myself fully and move forward in my life, learning from this and never forgetting this experience for the rest of my life.

I made a very important promise to my two sons: I PROMISED I would do anything and everything to return home to them. To be the MOM they need and deserve! I want and plan on keeping my PROMISE!!! To do thisI need all your help!!

Additionally, I want to take this experience and use it to help others in my future. No one deserves to have happen what happened to me, which is more common than society believes!


I Tabitha Ritchie ask profoundly and ernestly to be given the the opportunity to return home to Canada, my home where my two sons live, to complete the remaining time of my sentence; not to be let off or free but to complete my time of the consequences that come with my severe errors, mistakes and decisions. 

*** In signing this petition you are not only helping me Tabitha Ritchie, you are helping the two most important little people in my life, my sons!!! ***

If YOU the individual - whether family, friend, family and friends of friends, etc. - AGREE and SUPPORT my petition to be Transferred Home To Canada to complete the remaining time of my sentence (3 years at this time) in Canada, please SIGN!!


Sincerely Thank You from the Bottom of mine and my family's HEARTS,

 Tabitha Ritchie  



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